Tactical X Drone Reviews 2022 {Updated}: An Extraordinary Tactical Drone For Your Cameras and Videos


This is the Tactical X Drone: Rated by happy customers all over the world as an Extraordinary drone and one of kind. It is a WiFi enabled selfie drone, designed to be ultra compact, durable, light drone that is low cost but has all the benefits of a quality HD drone. This is our Tactical X Drone Reviews to tell you what you need to know. 1 Tactical X Drone costs only $99.

Whether you call them Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Miniature Pilotless Aircraft or Flying Mini Robots, drones are rapidly growing in popularity. They are still in the infancy stage in terms of mass adoption and usage but drones have already broken through rigid traditional barriers in industries which otherwise seemed impenetrable by similar technological innovations.

Drones were and still are most commonly associated with military operations and surveillance. However, by outfitting these relatively small unmanned robots with video production equipment, they have taken a giant leap forward in terms of commercial and personal uses.

One of the advances of drones is its usage for taking high quality pictures or videos from a wide angle and heights. These drones are commonly called Camera drones. The best camera drones used to be little more than novelty toys for gadget heads, but it is all different now (Tactical X Drone Reviews).

These days you are more likely to find the best camera drones in the hands of photographers and videographers both amateur and professional. This is because they allow the user to shoot from creative angles and get unique perspectives that simply would not be possible with any other camera.

It is also worth noting here by the reader that the camera technology in drones has come a long way, with larger sensors, better video resolutions and improved stabilization systems powered by on board gimbals. Then there is also the fact that intelligent flight controls are getting better and better, making drones so easy to fly that even a total novice can pick up the basics in minutes (Tactical X Drone Reviews).

How then can I decide on the best Camera Drone? How can I sift through the many drones promising much but end up delivering little in the Camera Drone Market? These questions is the reason why this Tactical X Drone Reviews was written to introduce to you an Extraordinary Drone.

The Tactical X Drone is a Mini Drone that is rated best in class, not only because the learning curve is small and the video quality is spectacular, but it is also made with the toughest materials available so it is really durable. This means anyone can learn to fly it quickly and transform his/her social media presence over night.

What is the Tactical X Drone?

Tactical X Drone is an App Controlled Selfie drone, designed to be ultra compact, durable, light drone that is low cost but has all the benefits of a quality HD drone from the Official Tactical X Drone Reviews.

The Tactical X Drone allows you to film all of your adventures with its built in camera so you can relive all your adventures from a birds eye view. It is the Best in Class with features to enhance your drone experience.

It is small and stable enough to fly indoors through tight spaces like windows, doorways and the altitude holding feature helps to navigate things like bathrooms, entryways, and walk in closets, with ease, while capturing HD quality video in one seamless and stable shot (Tactical X Drone Reviews).

Tactical X Drone is easy to handle, small enough to fly through windows and doorways, and still capture stable HD quality video footage. But that is not all it does, it is also foldable and lightweight so you can carry it around easily and take crystal clear 360 degree HD videos with its wide angle lens. You are only limited by your imagination.

You can capture a video of the beautiful sunrise on a mountain or a sunset on a beach just the same. And it is fast enough to film things like cars, sports and pets too. You can do pretty much anything you can imagine when it comes to aerial video.

With a 3, 000 foot range, a follow me feature, long flight time and HD video capability, the Tactical X drone is also packed with other useful features that make it the best choice (Tactical X Drone Reviews).

Of course you may fly into a few trees, but that’s all part of the fun. Overall, the learning curve to fly this thing is pretty small. Your profile is going to get an upgrade that will make your friends and family thing you hired a professional video guy to follow you around all day.


Noteworthy Features of Tactical X Drone (Tactical X Drone Reviews)

  • Foldable Drone: The foldable and flexible blades make it small, light and compact. It does not take up much space, it does not weigh much and it can be stored nearly anywhere.
  • HD Photos and Video: Record video in HD at 120 frames per second and snap photos up to 12 megapixels
  • Increased Flying Time: Equipped with increased battery capacity, you can capture up to 15 minutes of video before it needs to be recharged (Tactical X Drone Reviews).
  • Tough: As mentioned above, it is very durable. The Tactical X Drone tough plastic casing means you can drop it or crash it without severely impairing its functionality. You can take it outdoors or on long journeys without worrying it will get smashed up in your bag.
  • Long Battery Life: With an extended battery life, you get up to 15 minutes of flight time in which you can record some incredible footage.
  • Over 3, 000 Foot Range: With a range of over half a mile, not only can you take amazing photos from angles you never imagined you could, your entire perspective of the world can change with the videos you make. You can actually see what its like from a bird’s eye view from the Tactical X Drone Reviews
  • Gravity Sensor: Electronic image stabilization and the altitude holding feature allows beginners to film and fly like pros from the very first flight.
  • Easy To Use: Simply Connect it to your controller and your drone is ready to fly.
  • Perfect For Travel: If you are heading off on your first vacation you will be happy to know drones are perfectly fine to travel with because they are considered a personal electronic device like phones, laptops and other cameras. Pls note: Drone laws do vary from city to city, so be sure to find out if there are rules where you are going that prohibit or restrict flying drones (Tactical X Drone Reviews).
  • Slo-mo Mode: Slow motion video is a game changing drone feature that allows you to capture immersive footage of moving objects and unlocks an unlimited array of potential for your videos. Every video looks cooler in slo motion.
  • Panorama Mode: With a range of over 3, 000 feet, the Tactical X creates stunning panoramic shots from unique perspectives and vantage points you have never seen before.
  • Compact: It only weighs about a pound, so it is light, small and compact. Simply fold in the motors and pack it into your backpack or bag wherever you go. It will fit in any carry on bag without taking up much space.

What Do You Get When You Order Today?

From the Tactical X Drone Reviews online and also from personal experience, we have found that when your Tactical X Drone Package arrives, below are the things you get:

  • Tactical X Camera Drone
  • Transmitter/Controllers
  • Rechargeable Drone Batteries
  • Charging Cables
  • User Manual

What Else Can Tactical X Drone Do?

It is foldable and lightweight so you can carry it around easily and take crystal clear 360-degree HD videos with its wide angle lens. You are only limited by your imagination. In short, improved technology in addition to ultra crisp HD video resolution in a small package, you will get almost 15 minutes of flight time from a single charge.

This is important because, drones of this size used to take hours to charge and run out of power quickly. You could charge it all night and the battery would run out of juice in less than 15 minutes (Tactical X Drone Reviews). But now that has all changed….

With an extended battery life that allows you to capture up to 15 minutes worth of video on a single charge, you will have plenty of time to film all you need to create a visual masterpiece in one flight. It Gets Better……

Because it is also built with the most durable components on the market. This means that it can take a few lumps and it still works perfectly every time. It comes with a compact carry kit and it only takes a few seconds to connect to the controller before it is ready to fly (Tactical X Drone Reviews).

The Advanced GPS functionality means it can track the location of the controller and it can also return to you quickly when it is experiencing a weak signal or when the battery is low, reducing the risk that you might lose it should it fly out of range or run out of battery.

Where To Buy The Tactical X Drone?

From the Tactical X Drone Reviews online, If you wish to make a purchase, it is greatly advised to choose the manufacturer directly. They have a website where they offer the products. But that is not all. If you want to purchase more than one, you can do so with the special offers that the manufacturers make available from time to time. This means that you can purchase several of the Tactical Drone at the same time and pay less for a single Tactical Drone itself. The order is uncomplicated and can be completed within a few minutes.

Return Policy (Returns Center): They accept returns of your order some days of being delivered. Items must be in new, unused and sellable condition to be accepted for a return. If items or packaging is damaged or not complete, a refund will not be approved. Shipping and expedited processing fees are not refundable.

Price of Tactical X Drones

Tactical X Drone is available at a discounted price of up to 50% from the manufacturers. This makes it incredibly affordable and you also have the option of buying more than one drone at a time.

Buy 1 Tactical X Drone at $99 (You Save 50%)

Buy 2 Tactical X Drones at $197 (You Save 50%)

Buy 3 Tactical X Drones + Get 1 Free at $297 (You Save 63%)


Pros (Tactical X Drone Reviews)

  1. Foldable Body
  2. GPS/Optical Flow Positioning
  3. Surrounded by Points of Interest
  4. Fixed Point Flight (Tactical X Drone Reviews).
  5. 15 minutes long battery life
  6. Low Battery Return
  7. Smart Modular Battery
  8. Real Time Transmission
  9. Gesture Photo and Gesture Video
  10. 50X Zoom
  11. Smart Follow (Follow Me Feature)
  12. ESC Camera and 4K Camera
  13. 5G Image Transmission
  14. LED Night Light and Brushless Motor
  15. MV Creative Video

Cons (Tactical X Camera Drone Reviews)

  1. Shipping Fees apply at checkout point.
  2. Tactical X Drone can only be bought at the official manufacturer’s website
  3. Stock is quite limited. The manufacturers do not have any drones in stock at the moment.


What Makes Tactical X Drone One Of The Best?

With Industry leading features such as HD Camera, Automatic Self Stabilization and unmatched speed and maneuverability capabilities, the Tactical X Camera Drone is exactly what you need to make insanely cool videos from the very first time you fly it. Here is why it is a Top Rated Drone today:

Easy To Control: Tactical X Drone has all of the features needed to satisfy the pros, but it is extremely simple to fly and control even for complete beginners.

Shoot Like A Pro: This Camera Drone comes with a built in camera that can take HD Quality videos and pictures, so even the least technical newbie can have professional quality footage at the click of a button.

The Follow Me Feature: means you do not have to be glued to your controller or ask someone to film you. Now you can easily film yourself while your videos look like you have a personal professional film crew that follows you everywhere.

Go Further, Faster: Tactical X Drone is the fastest drone of its size, flying at speed of up to 19 meters per second with a top transmission distance of 4km (Tactical X Drone Reviews).

Tactical X Drone is a gadget that can help you record your epic adventures. It is a marvel of engineering and design, it was built to follow you wherever adventure takes you (Tactical X Drone Reviews).

Customer Reviews on Tactical X Drone Reviews

“As an experienced drone pilot, I am incredibly impressed with the quality of the Tactical X. It is easy for beginners of all ages to figure out, with fantastic picture quality and stable video regardless of wind gusts or pilot error. The battery life so far has proven to be wonderful as well. I am impressed with how tough it is and feel tha it is a great buy. Will update the review if anything changes! – Rob V.

“Whether you are a complete beginner or a more experienced flier who needs it for business and media, the Tactical X is an incredible piece of technology that can take your videos to a whole new level” – James P.

“Drones are getting more advanced and dropping in price as time goes by. But they are still not cheap by any means. To get a drone with a high quality camera that creates stunning aerial photos and video like this at this price is almost unheard of. This is one of the best drones on the market and great value” – Bob C.

“This weekend we took it on the boat and got really great footage of everyone skiing and riding the raft. I can’t wait to see it on the family video during the holidays” – Rodney H.

Frequently Asked Questions On Tactical X Drone Reviews

How long can it fly?

The Tactical X Drone can fly for up to 15 minutes.

Do I need to be a Pro to fly the Tactical X Drone?

No, the Tactical X Drone is easy to use and is suitable for amateur and pro pilots.

Is it safe to fly this drone?

Yes, the Tactical X Drone can be used indoors to capture beautiful moments with family (Tactical X Drone Review).

Is the Tactical X Drone Scam?

No, After scouring the user’s comments and also testing this tactical drone for ourselves, the Tactical X Drone is not a scam.


All these advanced features of Tactical X Drone come together with easy handling to deliver amazingly crisp and smooth videos that immediately bring an expert level experience to your online presence (Tactical X Drone Reviews).

One thing is certain, once you experience photography and video recording on this level, you will never want to record without it because it will set your videos and images apart from everything else in the news feed. You can orders yours today hassle free at an amazing discount directly from the manufacturers:


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