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Tactical X Drone Review: (MUST SEE!) US, CA, UK, AU, Customer Reviews!

Tactical X drone is rated overall 4.9 out of 5.0 star ratings among other drones with thousands of great customer reviews from the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), Canada (CA), Australia (AU), Spain (ES), Japan (JP), Germany (DE), France (FR), Russia (RU) and a host of many other countries worldwide. (Tactical X Drone Review)

In this tactical x drone reviews, I will give you my honest opinion of Tactical X drone; discussing all you need to know about the X drone device, its features, advantages, pros & cons, benefits, comparison with other drones, where to buy, customers reviews, consumer reports, and then FAQs.

While some people prefer calling it the Tactical air drone, the company branded this pocket jet device “tactical X drone.” So often or not, you may see adverts or reviews from top websites referring to this Drone as Tactic Air drone; please be sure of its authenticity before purchase.

Are you a photographer or videographer?

Do you care to take your videography and photography skills to better next level?

Have you been trying to capture eye-catching images or crisp videos but can’t due to the lack of good shooting equipment to carry out such a task?

Are you an adventurer that loves capturing captivating moments every time you spend in a place?

If you’d answered yes to one of the above questions, then you need to read our better experience on Tactical X drone reviews.


What is a Tactical X drone?

(Tactical x drone review)

Tactical x Drone is a smart foldable drone device that helps you capture quality images and videos from a rooftop or very high heights without spending your life savings on high-cost helicopters and drone alternatives. The Tactical X drone is manufactured in the United States by Wirecel LLC. They have been in the drone business for years and have produced different Air Drone variants that have constantly served humanity well.

Time has gone past those days when you will need to start looking for event helicopters to help undertake the coverage before you can cover an event. Now, with the suitable drone on your hand, you can stand from any angle and cover all-around events without minding the distance because this X drone can go as high as a 3000-foot range.

Keep reading our unbiased opinion on the Tactical X drone reviews as we explore everything you should know about using this impressive X drone to upgrade your skills and capture quality images and videos.

Tactical x drone overview (tactical x drone review)

Most customers prefer to see everything about a product at a glance without having to read over 2k plus words of an article. Therefore, before we discuss Tactical X drone in-depth, let’s take a peek at the overview and what makes it quite a high-demand and outstanding product in the US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, RU, JP, DE, and other top countries that value adventures than ever.

Here is the summary of everything you should know about the Tactical x drone, its features, specifications, and company profile information.

  • Product Name:Tactical x drone.
  • Brand name: Tactical X
  • Category: Drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – UAV), Photography, Videography.
  • Manufacturer:Wirecel LLC.
  • Manufactured in:Texas, United States of America (USA).
  • License:media use.
  • Size of Drone (in mm):500 × 235 mm
  • Weight (in kg):
  • Tactical x drone price: $99.99
  • Color:black
  • Tactical X Drone Battery capacity:7V, 500MAH.
  • Fly time:15 minutes and more when fully charged.
  • Mobile compatibility: IOS and Android devices.
  • Essential features:Built with ergonomic design, potent engines, gravity sensor, and others.
  • Is Tactical X Drone scam: No, the company is duly registered and operated in the United States. They have great positive customer reviews with 4.9 out of 5.0 star ratings on average.
  • Tactical x drone warranty: 30days money-back guarantee for orders that meet the refund TOS. You must buy directly from the company’s store to get this protection.
  • What’s in the Box: Tactical X drone camera, Transmitter/Controllers, Rechargeable X Drone Batteries, Charging Cables, and Tactical X drone Manuals.
  • Where to buy tactical x drone: Only available at the official company store here

Having listed the overview of Tactical x drone, now, if you are the type that like reading in-depth about every product before making a decision, then flow along with me as we deep dive into the tactical x drone review. Otherwise, use the link below to check out the product directly from the company’s website and secure your discount.


Read My Unbiased Review About Tactical x drone

(Tactical x drone review)

According to Wikipedia, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – UAV, also known as a drone, has existed through the twentieth century and was used mainly for military missions. But as time passed, their need expanded to even non-military applications. In the 21st century, people now use drones for aerial photography, videography, surveillance, inspections, and many other good use.

Getting a drone for an even smaller project was never easy, even in the early 21st century. Drones were meant for the big boys with a reasonable budget. Things have changed, and lots of X drones are out in the market with incredible features for a lesser budget.

Photography and videography is an incredible skill that needs people with a creative mindset, good knowledge of what is required, constant practice, and good working equipment to capture the most outstanding images and videos that are eye-catching. To achieve all these ideals, you need to have the vital tools or devices necessary to carry out the best job. Else, you may never get the quality images and videos you crave to capture from a top hill or cover a large space event without using the Tactical X drone or its alternatives.

If you know that you don’t get quality images and videos or that you can’t get to the height you want for a shot with just an ordinary hand-held camera, then think of getting a drone. Of course, you can’t; no one ever did without using a drone unless they have a high budget for more complex drone alternatives.

You won’t deny this: getting a drone will help make your photography or videography work easy for you. Almost 90% of professional photographers have upgraded to what will make their works more perfect, easy, and beautiful. While some go for Tactical X Drone, others stick with other X drone brands. What’s more important is that they are using a drone to make their shooting career easy and flexible.

Generally, of late, drones are increasingly used to capture or take images and videos, especially in capturing high altitudes; unlike the time helicopters were used to do the work, you can imagine how tedious and expensive the work was then.

There are different kinds of drones on the market at a very affordable rate; you can use a drone to capture anything you can think of no matter the height, and you can equally use drones to take selfie images with your family, as well as use to cover significant events.

However, the amazing part about the tactical X drone is that both novices can further use them without much training in professional photography and videography. Tactical X drones come with a portable backpack and are also quite simple to use. And many inventive qualities.

The Tactical x drone is not exempted from any of these remarkable qualities of top branded drones that will cost you a fortune to buy, yet the Tactical X drone price for $99.99 – With this being said, the Tactical X drone fall among the lists of best drones under $100. According to the manufacturer of this device, the air drone is built with numerous adjustable functions that make it easily operated by both a beginner and an expert.

Shooting with Tactical x drone is straightforward and enables navigation from all angles you may think of covering, unlike other drones.

So if you wish to get yourself a drone, stay tuned in this tactical x drone review as I keep unboxing crazy facts you won’t want to miss.


Tactical x drone reviews: The Secret to DO-BY-YOURSELF Photography and Videography

(Tactical X Drone Review)

Have you ever thought of how those beautiful high altitudes pictures, sports activities, and outdoor videos are being captured?

I guess you don’t know that those photos and videos are captured with a drone. Since the great works of drones have impacted humanity a lot, they gave it the name: “pockets jets.” So, calling Tactical X drone a pocket jet defines its innovative use with modern-day technology – solving your photography and videography needs while allowing you to carry it in the back pocket when not in use. It does wonders and satisfies your hunger for good shoots.

The tactic air drone has been the secret behind those amazing sports videos and pictures you view on television and social media. It has been helpful to professional photographers and videographers and is even more useful to newbies because it’s effortless to use and doesn’t cost much to get.

Suppose you run an event coverage and wish to upgrade and take your skill to another dimension. In that case, I recommend you go for this tactical x drone to help you stand out among your numerous competitors— tactical x drone review.

Tactical x drone is a device invented by Wirecel LLC in the United States of America (USA). This drone is built with some features that make it outstanding among every other drone in the market and is also designed to assist videographers like you and me in capturing or taking eye-catching photos and videos for advertising, recording large events (ceremonies), taking videos of sports activities and not only that; tactical x drone can also help you to get incredible videos while having fun with your family.

When searching for the best drones under $100 for any project, you will see many adverts promoting tactical x drone for sale. This is because the company has printed good names in the hearts of many over the years. And thus, people talk about it more than often.

Tactical X Drone has an ergonomic design, small in size, which makes it portable at hand and fit for a pocket jet. It has advanced Gps function with a robust sensor, can be used for outdoor shots, also has high altitude features, which make it easy for it to fly quite high above your rooftop to capture images and take videos from all angles you desire, and that is not all, tactical x drone comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery which can be replaced with the spares, USB charger, beautiful backpack for carrying them, extra propellers, and lots more for you to explore



Features Of Tactical X Drone

(Tactical X drone Review)

The tactical x drone comes with groundbreaking features such as:

1.    Gravity sensor:

A tactical x drone is designed with a gravity sensor. This sensor helps the device detect danger and then signals you in time if there are any obstacles while in the air. In other words, this gravity sensor enables the flying course automatically to prevent a hit or crash with other objects. Hence, it makes the device easy to be handled by newbies.

2.    Compact and foldable:

The tactical x drone is built with a foldable propeller and comes with a small beautiful carriage bag, portable to move along on any field trip. In this case, you are sure of going for that event coverage without hiring a van to convey your shooting equipment. I love the compact nature of my Tactical X drone; I hope you love yours once you get one.

3.    Tactical X drone App:

The Tactical X drone app is made available on both iOS stores for Apple users and Google Play stores for Android, mobile phone users. The App works with Bluetooth/wifi connectivity, and it is used for easy control of Tactical X drone while on-air performing its task.

A link to download the Tactical X drone App is made available in the user manual. So go over the manual and scan the barcode or follow the alternative instructions to download the App before setup.

4.    Powerful engine:

This is another wonderful feature possessed by Tactical x drone inventors.
The powerful engine helps this device for agility while in the air and has lasting replaceable batteries. Although the battery life is strong, yet if you want it to last longer than ever, you need to get an extra battery to extend usage time for an event depending on the type of event.

5.    Strong rechargeable battery:

Another good news about this Tactical x done is that it comes with a strong rechargeable battery that, if properly and fully charged, can last up to 15 minutes or more on air without breakdown. You may wonder why they didn’t extend the battery life to stay for hours in the air, but the company has a clear understanding that good drones should be flexible while in the air for easy navigation. So adding many extra battery cells to it will make it heavier and reduce its achievable results. Instead, the company proferred a solution by adding replaceable batteries. You can buy as many as you want that should last you for a whole 24hours event while maintaining the exemplary standards of the drone in the air.

The Tactic air drone also has a USB charger that will enable you fast-charge the replaceable battery while performing with the other battery.

6.    High-performance features:

As we started earlier tactical x drone is durable with a strong plastic case, which means that, even if you mistakenly hit it or drop it so hard, it may not crash or may never lose its functionality. Then, it works both indoors and outdoors, covers up to a high range, and therefore can travel up to a 3000-foot range to capture images and videos.

7.    Easy to control:

Tactical drones can be operated by anyone with little or no experience in drone shooting. Provided that you can read the instructions on the manual, you can do virtually everything a professional can do using the Tactical X drone. Though introductory experience with this device is an added advantage, you can still fly it without stress or much orientation. It is easy and simple to use, and you can also show it to your trainer to give you a first-time expert guide before flying the drone.

8.    Fast speeds:

A tactical x drone is one of the fastest drones when compared to a drone of its size in the market. It records a remarkable speed of close to 19m/s and a maximum transmission distance of 4km. The tactical x drone is such an incredible device; if you think of getting yourself a drone, you need to consider going for a tactical x drone.


Benefits of using Tactical X Drone

(Tactical x drone review)

I can go over a two-night listing of the benefits I got from using the Tactical X drone. But no, I should make this review more precise. So let me highlight the significant benefits you should expect from using this drone:

  • Mobile compatibility: You can operate this device just by connecting with your Android or IOS phone using the tactical x drone app.
  • Long flight time: It can stay up there capturing and recording as long as there is enough battery. The X Drone only gets tired if the operator gets exhausted; else, you keep firing your shooting non-stop.
  • Lightweight: it weighs not more than one pound, can be carried around, and fits in tight ends like doorways, windows, and even indoors.
  • It’s noiseless: You won’t have to worry about taking it for highly respected ceremonies or fearing it may disgrace you with an unexpected noise during the peak of an event. The Tactical X drone is very quiet and should serve you just fine.
  • High speed: Tactical x drone can capture even moving objects due to the high speed.
  • Simple and easy to use: it is very easy to be used by both beginners and professionals – just by going through the Tactical X drone manual, you are good to go.
  • It is a super third eye intelligent Drone: Apart from the high-tech AI that enhances your drone knowledge, tactical X drones have built-in defense and security features in case of an emergency.
  • Strong wind-resistant ability: These are some of the stuff I discovered while using this drone, and we believe you will love them for the price you pay. Also, keep in mind that it’s not advisable to fly your drone when it’s raining.
  • Take Quality Pictures and Videos: With the 12mp camera quality, pictures and videos taken with tactical x drone are always eye-catching, and guess what? The tactical x drone, besides having an in-built pre-programmed camera that helps adventurers take decent-looking pictures and videos with just a click of a button, you still get this offer at the best price ever.
  • Easy to learn: As for beginners, the drone will be easy for you to master, and it is best to get acquainted with people who are experts in using this device. Though there are many reasons for this, apart From reading the Tactical X drone manual instructions and having practical videos on how to fly a drone on the internet, you can quickly learn faster when you use the tactic air drone with friends and co videographers.

Pros & Cons of Tactical x drone

(Tactical x drone reviews)

As reviewed, let’s see the pros and cons of using Tactical X Drone.


(Tactical X Drone Review)

  • Very Affordable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fast charging ability.
  • It comes with a backpack or bag.
  • Allows Bluetooth transmission.
  • Quality performance.
  • Longer battery life.
  • Usable Altitude features.
  • Ability to capture moving objects.
  • High speed.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • It is noiseless when in operation.
  • Decent shipping.
  • It offers great customers care.
  • Discount ready for buyers.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Able to capture from the rooftops.


(Tactical X Drone Review)

  • Low stocks: few stocks of this product are available in the market as the company produces extra quantities in batches.
  • Available online only:  The Tactical X drone is only marketed online by the company. Many people who aren’t tech-savvy might find it challenging to get this x drone. While some don’t do internet banking, others may be scared to be scammed by using the wrong marketing source/link.
  • It can Crash or be lost: The Drone can crash if it hits an obstacle. You should go to an open space or field to practice how to use the tactical X drone.
  • A broken propeller can stop the drone from functioning well: If one of the propellers gets lost or broken, the drone can not fly until you’re able to replace it.
  • No Free extra battery: Unless you go for the Dual Camera Tactical X drone, you may need to buy an extra battery which will cost more money. Though this should be based on the duration of the work you cover, so you need to have an extra battery handy to help carry out the job.
  • Not water resistance: Tactical x drone is not a water-resistant device; therefore, it can be damaged if used in the rain.

More Benefits of using the Tactical X Drone (My Personal experience – A story)

(Tactical x drone review)

If you have seen good quality and beautiful photos or watched quality videos before, then you’d been able to understand what it means to work with high-quality equipment. Tactical x drone is an excellent example of the kind of equipment capable of giving you that great work you desire.

As a photographer that has been in the field for quite a long time, I can tell you some of the benefits of having a tactical x drone.

Having a drone will help you get jobs and link you to high-paying companies.

Let me tell you a little experience I had a long time ago.

On that faithful day, my phone rang, and it was my best friend Frank calling. I gladly picked up the call because I knew Frank was my business partner and had always given me his company’s events to handle or linked me up to people that might need my coverage services.

So as I picked up the call, Frank and I exchanged pleasantries. He asked if I would be chanced to cover a big event for his company, I said yes.

He gave me the event manager’s number to contact him for more details about the project.

Guess how I feel after the call?

Your guess is correct – I jumped up and down because I couldn’t hold my joy. I was so excited and over the moon for securing such a big job that would pay a tremendous amount of money.

On the following day, I made sure I had enough airtime that would serve well if I put a call to the manager. I proceeded to dial his number, and immediately the manager picked up my call and addressed me by my name; I think Frank had already given him my details which made him know it was me.

We discussed the job and the payment, which ended just as Frank had tipped me.

But then I got shocking news the next day when I went to the event manager for my cheque as agreed on the call.


As we were about to seal the deal,

The event manager said, you have to take shots from the rooftop to capture the event from all angles, and you know ordinary cameras can never get that. I hope you have a good drone?

At the hearing of the drone, I got dumbfounded. I can’t believe I’m about to lose this big deal that will make me thousands of dollars within some hours.

I couldn’t hold myself, and even the event manager noticed that I wasn’t myself anymore. He tries to know if there is any problem. I told him that, at the moment, I don’t have a drone, and there is no way I can come up with the money to purchase one. Oh gosh! To cut a long story short, that’s how I lose that job.

But I wish I had known about Tactical x drone just 2years ago; I am sure not losing the job as this drone fits in with an average earner budget – very cheap and easy to use, I would have gone for it then. However, we can’t change the past.

Do you know the reason for telling you all these stories? The fact that I understand how it feels to lose a high-income job Iike that; I wouldn’t want you to pass through all that. In fact, as a videographer or photographer who wants to be relevant in this field, or even if you are just an adventurer who craves crispy moments, I recommend you have a drone and let it be a tactical x drone. This drone will help you get shots from all rooftop angles, get the perfect eye-catching photos and videos that will get people amazed, and help you secure some high-paying offers from well-established agents.

It’s already 12 months since I started using my tactical X drone, and I must confess that my life as a professional Videographer has been rosy and filled with captivating memories.

Are you still searching for tactical x drone for sale? Get it today directly from the company and secure your promo slot ongoing.


How Does Tactical X Drone Work?

The Tactical X Drone work in a very simple and easy-to-operate manner. It works with a controller, and the device is linked to the controller via a strong and stable signal using the App. Once the drone detects any weak signal between it and the controller, which observes its actions and direction, it will instantly dive back to the nearest point of the controller.

The air drone is apt because it’s designed with GPS technology to understand and retrace back to the controller’s location. In addition to that, you even have other options to set up the device to either take images or videos shots; hence, you can act on the video camera to capture pictures or record a video while in the air or during any outdoor event.

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How to Fly Tactical X Drone

(Tactical X Drone Review)

When you buy Tactical X Drone, a user manual that explains everything about the drone is included in the box. We shall give you 8 practical steps for connecting and using your Tactical X drone; nonetheless, we strictly recommend checking the Tactical X drone manual for better understanding and creativity. And also sharing better knowledge with experts who are already in the drone operating business before you to help you understand the terms on the user manual easily. 

Here are 8 practical steps on how to fly Tactical X drone:

Step 1: Make sure you have a solid Android or IOS phone.

Step 2: Download the drone app from the google play store – this App is used to control the drone while in the air.

Step 3: Fix the propellers and the battery, and make sure the battery is fully charged.

Step 4: After fixing all these, remove any object close to the drone or what may be seen as an obstacle for the X drone to take off.

Step 5: Press the red button on top of the Tactical X drone; it will make a sound to show it ON.

Step 6: Connect the Drone with the drone app on your cell phone.

Step 7: Heed to other advice from the app manager and then.

Step 8: Fly and control the drone to avoid hitting an obstructive object in the air.

Warning: Although the Tactical X Drone is quite strong and has some advanced features, I recommend that you read the instructions on the device user manual or even make sure there is an expert around to guide you to avoid damaging or crashing your drone.

Please, use a field or an open space to practice how to use your x drone to avoid mistakenly hitting it on an obstacle as a learner.


Comparison Between Tactical X Drone to other Drone Devices

(Tactical X Drone Review)

Unlike many other drones and brands, the Tactical x drone is quite affordable and has enough features. Having recorded groundbreaking customer reviews online, I could say that the Tactical X drone bit most of its competitors regarding price and quality features. That is why there are many in-demand searches for tactical x drone for sale in the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), Canada (CA), Australia (AU), Russia (RU), Japan (JP), and a host of other countries worldwide.

While I was getting some external resources for this Tactical X Drone review and its quality alternatives, I stumbled on the Shadow X drone by Beverly Hills. The Shadow X drone looks pretty good and features excellent functions like the Tactic X. However, I still prefer the Tactical X drone to the Shadow X drone, maybe because I have had my personal experience with the Tactical X drone, and it has been serving me well. And also, the tactical x drone has more records from happy customers reviews online.

Both Shadow X and Tactical X drones are sold for the same amount per unit ($99.99), so you don’t need to worry about the cost while deciding which to buy.

  1. See Shadow X drone here on the company’s website
  2. See Tactical X drone here on the company’s website (BEST CHOICE)

Tactical x drone Price

A unit of Tactical X drone costs $99.99, and 3 units of Tactical X Drone are sold for $297. Before I started recommending this device to photographers or videographers like you, I had already considered the cost and its performance compared to other air drones. Of a truth, the tactical x drone is so cheap when described in its performance relative to its competitors.

The more unit of Tactical X drone you purchase on the go will grant you extra discounts per unit and give you additional bonus components from the company. Every detail is shown in the company’s store, and you can check them out here.

Let me break down the cost prices per quantity of Tactical X drones, so you can make your choice more even when you head over to the official store.

  • 1 unit of Tactical X Drone price at $99.99
  • 2 units of Tactical X Drone price at $197
  • 3 units of Tactical X Drone price at $297 (Get 1 Tactical X Drone as a Free Gift)


Where can I buy a tactical x drone?

Tactical x drone is only sold online and solely on the company’s official store here. So if you decide to buy this device from any other online store apart from the company’s website, it’s either from a retailer or fake product sellers who want to prey on unsuspecting online buyers.

While some retailers also have the Tactical X drone on Amazon, BestBuy, Target, eBay, and Walmart for the same price as fixed by the company, others flagged the price above $100.

However, to avoid losing your money or getting the scam tactical X drone, we recommend that you visit the manufacturer’s website to place your orders. It will be shipped to you within some days; the good news is that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you wish to return the unopened device, plus additional freebies that you won’t get elsewhere unless you are directly buying from the company.


Customer reviews on Tactical x drone

(Tactical X Drone Reviews Consumer Reports)

To support our readers with in-depth tactical X drone reviews from diverse sectors. We also checked on several forums and third-party marketplaces to gather few customer reviews to keep you in a sound state while trying to decide on this X drone.

We only selected five customer reviews out of thousands of customer reviews of the tactical X drone we found per our search to keep this review precise.

Here are what five (5) verified customers who have used the Tactical X Drone have to say:

Brandon reviewed: “When I was looking for a portable drone with a good sensor to purchase. I had checked out online several times but couldn’t find what I was looking for, till a friend of mine tagged me in a social media post, and I was glad she did.”

Williams reviewed: “I got this drone because I wanted to try it out before reaching out for a bigger one. I’ve only tried flying it for five days, and I truly feel like a pro right now! I still can’t imagine how incredible the photos and videos I took with it are for something as cheap as this drone. I’m really happy with myself for choosing the tactical x drone.”

Robert reviewed: “All I can say right now is wow, just wow! and wish I met this amazing product before now. Tactical x drone is a special and remarkable drone with a safe gravity sensor camera that helps me to create amazing videos and images that look like I’ve been doing this for decades.”

Lisa R. reviewed: “Tactical x drone is by far my favorite drone, if I would love to get another extra drone, I think I need to go for this awesome drone the second time, it has unique features which I can’t mention all here right now.”

Davidson reviewed: “Though I have a couple of other drones, you see this tactical x drone gives me all I want and delivers every time I go out there to get my photos and videos. And you know what? My favorite and valued feature of this device is the automatic image stabilization it’s built with. And besides that, it’s easy to use and great for beginners and professional pilots too. I highly recommend this product to as many as who may want to purchase it.”


Tactical X Drone Company Support Information (Customer Service)

(Tactical X Drone Review)

If you want to reach out to the makers of Tactical X drone, below is the contact information. When creating a refund ticket, please mail it to their support and expect feedback as soon as possible.

  • Company name: Wirecel LLC
  • Company website: com
  • Company Office Address: 77 Searing Ave, Mineola, NY 11501
  • Company Phone number: (888) 958-4484
  • Support Email:

My Final verdicts on this Tactical X Drone review

(Tactical X drone reviews)

The Tactical X Drone has been in high demand due to its cost being lower than other drones in the market.

With this excellent drone, your perfect and clear shots are guaranteed. From Tactical X Drone customer reviews, this product has gotten a lot of positive ratings, with almost 4.8 to 5-star ratings on most Tactical X Drone reviews sites.

Having been used by a ton of videographers, including myself, it is all proven armed above that a tactical x drone is quite creative in capturing unique and beautiful images. It further has a long flight time and takes shots from any angle.

It can help improve the quality of photography and give you that nice touch of shots you need.

Furthermore, A tactical x drone is an advanced drone with features that other drones may not have. Order this product today to understand what advanced videography and photography are all about. I wasn’t disappointed, and I am sure you won’t be either.


Frequently Asked Questions On Tactical X Drone Review

(Tactical X Drone Reviews)

1.  Is it reasonable to fly on airplanes with this drone?

Since the device has a foldable propeller and comes with a strong backpack or bag, the answer is yes. You can fold it up and put it inside your briefcase. That being said, I think it’s of no use to fear about your luggage giving you inconvenience. And even though you choose to enter other transports, it will be safer to take with you. The portability of this drone makes it suitable for those who like taking photos or videos on the go.

2. What kind of mobile phone is acceptable to operate this Tactical X drone?

Typically, the App for the drone is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can use the App to control the drone, take videos and photos, edit them after installation, and transfer these images and videos to your Pc by connecting via Bluetooth.

3. Does tactical x drone make noise?

No, a tactical x drone does not make any noise; in short, you might never notice or detect when the device is on or not unless it’s in motion.

4. Is it safe to purchase this device online?

We understand not everyone will like to buy things online but trust us on this one, you can comfortably buy a tactical x drone just from the comfort of your home without being worried about your money. Just make sure you are buying directly from the company’s website, and you are good to go.

The website is SSL secure and offers you several verified payment options. They can’t read your card information as the integrated payment gateways are end-to-end encrypted.

5. How long does it take to be fully charged?

A Tactical x drone doesn’t take much time to be fully charged. It takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to get charged though this figure often depends on the charging source.

6. Is Tactical x drone water resistance?

As earlier stated, this device is not water-resistant, and therefore, it’s not advisable to be used in the rain. Ensure you protect your drone from kids playing with it as a toy to avoid losing or getting your device damaged. Handle it with much care and keep it safe.

7. Can I control Tactical X Drone with a mobile phone?

Yes, the tactical x drone is controlled by connecting it to your mobile phone. It allows connection from both Apple phones (IOS) and Android devices. I have outlined step-by-step guides on how you can connect and use the Tactical X Drone in this review. A user manual (Tactical X drone manual) also comes with your package; please go through it. If anything confuses you, watch some of the Tactical X Drone youtube videos – A lot of gurus like me are already rocking and flaunting its abilities online.

8. Is Tactical X Drone Available in the United States (US)?

I am from the United state (US), and I bought my Tactical X drone directly from the company’s website. They delivered it on the 5th day, and I have been rocking this for almost one year now. The Tactical X Drone is not only available to the US market; many customers are using this drone from the UK, AU, CA, RU, JP, and many other countries. They have customer reviews all over the world, and it is a good one to get.

When you visit the company’s website, they automatically verify if the tactical x drone can be shipped to your country; if it can’t, they won’t allow you to place your order or debit your credit card.

9. Is Tactical X Drone Scam?

Tactical X Drone is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 in over 1000+ customer reviews from different online marketplaces and forums. It is not a scam. The manufacturing Company is duly registered and operated in the United States (US), and its website is well protected against phishing or any cyber attack. They offer you a refund if you aren’t pleased with your order and grant you excellent customer service.

The Tactical X Drone reviews legitimately show you valuable consumer reports for the X Drone, having lasted months in the market with a steady sale.




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