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Tachograph Control Made Simple

For forwarding agents, hauliers and other companies who depend on trucks and company cars, it is particularly important to fully control and coordinate the driving times of the entire fleet. Since 2006, the installation of a digital tachograph in a truck has been a statutory duty. It records the driving time of each driver and may be controlled by the police at any time.  The legislator obliges the car owner to regularly read out the digital tachograph and the driver card. This procedure is quite elaborate, also logistic problems take effect, as the truck needs to be onsite when reading out the tachograph.

The identification of the driver using the digital tachograph takes place via a specially designed chip card – the driver card.  Next to identifying the driver, it stores the

  • driving times
  • working hours
  • standby time
  • resting periods

of the card owner for 28 days maximum. Thus, the respective company can clearly substantiate towards the authorities that the drivers adhered to the statutory regulations at all times.

Remotely Controlled Data Read-Out

The automatic download of the tachograph data and the driver card of any vehicle needs to be done on a daily basis. This technology makes it possible to readout the current data remotely – without leaving the office. As the legislation for hauliers and logistic companies is very strict, it is necessary to download the data of the control devices and to read out the driver cards.  Afterwards, they need to be stored for a longer period of time.

The remote tacho download is done via a GPS-sender situated in the truck. It offers many advantages for the user – the most important ones are:

  • Automatic download of mass storage and driver cards

The download of the cards happens fully automatically without any manual assistance by the card holders.

  • Automatic verification of signatures and data blocks

All data used is automatically verified by checking the signatures and compare the data blocks.

  • Secure storage and encrypted data transfer

To ensure that the data are save at all time, they will be securely stored and transferred after encryption only.

  • Little manual effort

Many steps in this process are fully automated so that there is only very little manual work to perform.

  • Determine your own download intervals

To improve the security and at the same time do a backup, set your own periods for guaranteeing a consistent data security.

  • Centralised hosting of company cards

The hosting of company cards is centrally organised to keep a structure and to maintain an overview over the data.

All data are displayed on a central dashboard which helps to improve the vehicle deployment and its route.  Through exact and thoughtful planning, the routes may be optimized – this again contributes to saving money and minimizing the use of fuel.

Further Advantages for your Company

The remote tacho download also offers other features and methods that considerably support a company regarding the handling of a fleet of vehicles. To show, how versatile this tool is, we have listed other qualities offered:

  • Monitoring of the driving times

You receive an overview over the real driving times. Via an organised dashboard, you can find out about the driving times sorted for day, week and double week. Should there be any problems, you will be informed right away and schedule the driving plan anew.

  • Download of .ddd-Files

The digital tachograph download is performed fully automatically and with a high degree of security. When downloaded, they are canvassed for integrity and completeness. FleetGO produces efficient software solutions which are compatible with all general systems.

  • Comply with EU-regulations

Comply with the regulations by complying with the working hours and to keep minutes with all digital tachograph as well as driver files.  It allows you to run an archive within the law and to perceive an infringement

Moreover, it offers the basis for your reports which must contain the remaining driving times for the rest of the day, the current week and the next week. Such a report also shows when the weekly rest period is due. With the help of this report, you may plan your journeys without impinging the regulation (EG) 561/2006 and AETR.

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