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T Shirt Screen Printing

For larger orders of printed t-shirts (10+) or larger designs, screen printing is ideal. T-shirts that have been screen-printed wash well and retain their print quality for a long time. It is likely that most of the printing you see on the High Street is a result of this process. The T Shirt Screen Printing on shirts has become increasingly popular in recent years.

It is important not to confuse this process with heat transfer printing (or thermal printing). In terms of print quality, transfer prints do not last as long and do not last as long as traditional prints.

The cost of screen printing increases with each additional colour applied, since each colour is applied one at a time. A design with four colours will require four screens, so screen printing in many colours can be uneconomical if only a small run of clothing is needed, so digital printing might be a better alternative.

Screen Printing Artwork Design

  • Create files with extremely large dimensions in 300dpi or 72dpi
  • Vector-based images are the best because they can be amended easily and scaled to any size without losing quality
  • Negative spaces that are too small can easily fill in or “bleed”, and a very small negative space can be easily filled in by the ink surrounding it.
  • Don’t use drop shadows, glows, or gradient effects on your screen because these types of effects won’t translate well
  • Avoid default replacement by rasterizing or outlining the type

Custom Screen Printed Shirts For Businesses & Events

The perfect promotional item is custom screen printed shirts, whether you’re hosting an upcoming event or need uniforms for a business. T-shirt screen printing offers a variety of options for creating branded merchandise that grabs attention. 

Shirts for any weather

Cotton long-sleeve t-shirts are better for cooler temperatures, while moisture-wicking tees are best for warmer weather. Furthermore, screen printing process will make any design look great. You can count on us for screen-printed shirts that feel great.

Easy T-Shirt Screen Printing

You can create screen-printed t-shirts online. Choose a shirt, upload your artwork, or use free clipart and design templates. To ensure a successful t-shirt screen printing experience, get your design checked and fix any problems.

Screen printing benefits

  • Printing at its best and most economical
  • Results that are consistent and long-lasting
  • Quite a few items in a short time
  • Vibrant colors
  • Size up to 37x45cm
  • Disadvantages of screen printing
  • Each design has a set-up cost
  • Costly for small orders

Which is better, screen printing or heat transfer?

In larger quantities, heat transfers are less cost-effective than screen prints due to their lower resolution. Design complexity, color, durability, fabric choices, and order size are all factors to consider when deciding whether to use custom heat transfer or screen printing.

What is the best way to print t-shirts?

Printing on dark shirts or on specialty products that require high levels of vibrancy is best done with screen printing. Despite dark shirts, screen printing results in vivid colors because ink is applied thicker.

How long does screen printing last on shirts?

In the washing machine, screen printed T-shirts can withstand up to 50 washes. It is important to note that screen printing ink is extremely thick and penetrates deeply into fabrics.

Final Thoughts

With screen printing, businesses, organizations, and individuals can promote their brands or messages on their shirts. Screen printing produces a beautiful, durable finish that is cost-effective and versatile. 

The art of screen printing can be viewed in many different ways. The quality of printing is important to to t-shirt printers and promotional clothing printers. Colors must not overlap, designs must be straight, and the ink must be thick enough to avoid cracks.


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