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Syscoin Unveils World’s First zkDA, Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Building on Bitcoin

Dubai, UAE, 3rd February 2024, Syscoin, a long-time proponent of leveraging Bitcoin’s infrastructure for blockchain innovation, in collaboration with Polyhedra Network and NodeKit, announces a pioneering initiative. The strategic partnership imminently introduces Zero-Knowledge Proof-of-Data Availability (zkDA) into Syscoin’s ecosystem, a move that significantly advances Bitcoin’s merged mining mechanism and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Jagdeep Sidhu, Core developer of Syscoin, emphasizes, “This collaboration brings scalable solutions without compromising security and decentralization, fundamental to blockchain

Key Partnership Highlights:

● Bitcoin Integration via zkBridge: Facilitates two-way transactions between Bitcoin and Rollux, Syscoin’s EVM Layer 2, establishing a robust Bitcoin Layer 3.
● Client-Side Receiver Chain on Rollux: Enhances DeFi capabilities and interoperability, leveraging Syscoin’s Proof-of-Data Availability (PoDA).
● Integration of zkDA in Syscoin: Deploys PoDA across multiple blockchains, bringing modularity through zkDA.
● Sender Chain for Syscoin Assets: Establishes a trustless transfer mechanism for Syscoin assets to other chains.
● Integration with NodeKit: Incorporates Rollux and zkDA to leverage Bitcoin’s security for other rollups.

Syscoin’s zkDA uniquely combines Bitcoin’s security with Syscoin’s PoDA, offering post-quantum security and efficient data processing. This integration marks a strategic
move towards enhanced blockchain interoperability and efficiency.

Abner Jia, CEO of Polyhedra, notes, “Our partnership leverages Bitcoin’s security with Syscoin’s zkDA, providing a path for Bitcoin to compete with other major smart contract

Noah Pravecek, Founder of NodeKit, adds, “Our collaboration with Syscoin enhances our sequencing solutions, addressing decentralized and cross-chain rollup complexities.”

Case Studies:

● Cartesi: Utilizes Syscoin’s Layer 3 capabilities with PoDA, extending rollup functionalities across chains using zkDA.
● NodeKit: Integrates Syscoin’s zkDA to bolster its sequencing network.
● Polyhedra: Completes zkBridge of BTC to Rollux, enhancing multi-chain friendly secure DA solutions.

This partnership and the advent of zkDA signal a transformative leap in blockchain technology. It underscores Syscoin’s pioneering role in leveraging Bitcoin’s infrastructure, paving the way for a new era of modularity where multiple chains can harness Bitcoin’s robust framework for scalable and innovative blockchain solutions.

About Syscoin
Celebrating a decade at the forefront of blockchain innovation, Syscoin has been a pioneer in harnessing Bitcoin’s proven security for scalable blockchain solutions. With the development of Rollux, an OPStack EVM Layer 2 solution, and the Proof-of-Data Availability (PoDA) protocol, Syscoin stands as a testament to blockchain’s evolution. Syscoin’s approach to modular blockchain design, emphasizing performance and cost efficiency, has now culminated in the integration of zkDA – a testament to what Bitcoin’s modularity can
truly achieve.

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About Polyhedra Network
Polyhedra Network, renowned for its zkBridge protocol and expertise in zero-knowledge proof technology, brings invaluable technical prowess to this partnership. Their collaboration with LayerZero, a prominent omnichain interoperability provider, further amplifies the potential for interoperability in the Web3 industry.

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About NodeKit
NodeKit is building SEQ, the decentralized shared sequencer L1 built to allow rollups to decentralize their sequencer and enable cross-rollup interoperability without sacrificing performance.

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Dylan Stewart
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