SynthiumHealth: Cloud-Based Solution for Healthcare Supply Chain on Blockchain

In many sectors of the world economy, reducing the cost of operations is the major key to thriving. And in the healthcare sector, a supply chain is an integral factor. However, this causes an increase in the price of surgical instruments, drugs, and many other products related to healthcare. Also, with the rise in the complexity of the market of medical devices, companies into healthcare meet market demands by expanding their portfolios.

But now, Synthium health has provided a solution to the complexity of the healthcare supply chain by introducing the decentralization of the blockchain technology.

Synthium Health’s Cloud-Based Solution

Though revolutionizing the supply chain might be a difficult task, Synthium Health knows that the payoff is going to be worth it. They are providing an innovative marketplace that creates a single ecosystem for suppliers and providers of healthcare products, where they can carry out exchanges in a cost-effective, efficient, and simplified manner.

With the use of advanced technologies, Synthium Health is developing an automated platform that maximizes revenues and effectiveness when going through the process of supply of healthcare products. The platform extends the reach of suppliers by breaking geographic barriers and helps them cut down on operational costs, sell faster, and deliver consistently to buyers all over the world. To further advance in this project, Synthium Health plans to partner with huge logistics partners.

The Synthium Health Token

The Synthium Health platform is blockchain based and uses the token known as a Synthium token (SHP). The primary usage of this token is for people to register an account and become a member of the network. The SHP token is also used to fuel a secondary market using its platform, where exchanges can be done using the SHP token instead of using other fiat currencies. The Synthium health platform also has an SHP token account which is built primarily for members to assess the platform.

The SHP Token ICO

Synthium Health organized a crowdfunding event during which SHP tokens were purchased, and after the event, the token was made available on cryptocurrency exchanges. 15% of the tokens sold during this period was reserved for business advisors of the platform as well as current and future employees.

The SHP ICO period started on November 27, 2017, and ran through February 28, 2018. During this period, 1 SHP was valued at $0.65, with a total supply of 1 billion SHP. On March 15, Synthium Health is going to implement the Blockchain technology, and also enhance the sales and marketing efforts of the platform as well as it data center capabilities.

The healthcare supply chain process can be complex sometimes which might shift the attention of companies from other areas of their business. But Synthium Health is taking care of all that by using the Ethereum blockchain.

Being blockchain-based and using the SHP utility token, Synthium Health is reducing the complexity of the supply chain of the healthcare sector. Now suppliers and providers can engage in cost-effective, transparent and simplified exchanges.

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