Synthium Token Sale to Public has ended, See how you can still get the Token.

A healthcare marketplace running on blockchain, Synthium intends to revolutionize the healthcare supply chain. Today, there is a massive gap between healthcare providers and the healthcare medication industry, which gives those medicines and equipment.

The platform allows both parties, suppliers and service providers, to conduct business and exchange information/money in a cost-effective method. This means that not only cost of business is reduced, but also profits are maximized and end users, the patients, get lower health care prices.

With more time to focus on the business aspect and less on IT (emailing, order confirmations, hardware maintenance etc.), the platform gives speed, availability and scalability that you need.

Another advantage of Synthium is that it is a single platform, which anyone in the healthcare business should ever need. From searching for reputed and authorized manufacturers to delivery vehicles, from ordering to delivery, from price negotiations to sales, there is a single point of contact.


Synthium plans to introduce a fully featured supply chain solution that utilizes the power of blockchain and make it fully automated. Now medical suppliers, such as medicine, surgical instrument manufacturers and allied facility suppliers can connect directly with service providers such as drug stores, hospitals and clinics. The major advantages of Synthium are:

  • Improved security and visibility through blockchain.
  • Elimination of counterfeit medicine and equipment in the supply chain.
  • Direct dealings, eliminating time and cost consuming vendors and third-party sales team.
  • JIT, or Just In Time, delivery of products, leading to lower stock levels and blocked money.
  • Sales analysis of products directly at the point of sales to determine future demand.
  • Instant transactions mean money going directly from user to manufacturer. No banks, no credit companies, no one and nothing is involved.
  • Automated order placing if stocks get lower than a certain threshold.
  • Internal logistics solution in the future.


The team comprises mostly of seasoned people who have years of experience in the healthcare industry. Vijay Reddy, the CEO, once started a healthcare company that consisted of five members and in seven years generated a $15 million revenue. The leadership team has already committed more than 27,000 man hours into this project and have personally injected more than half a million dollars to revamp the healthcare system.


The Synthium platform uses its own token to transact between parties. Synthium Health, or SHP, is an ERC20 standard token and finds its basis on the Ethereum network, making it secure, fast and transparent. 

The public token sale has ended, but if you are still interested in buying the tokens, send an email to

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