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Synthium Health: Initial Coin Offering of SHP Token is Still On

Synthium health started is an ICO that is revolutionizing the medical world through the use of ICO and blockchain technology which is unarguably the biggest disruptive element in the financial sector at the moment.

What Is Synthium?

Synthium Health is an ICO health provider that seeks to power the health sector in the world starting with the United States with a focus on the end to end supply chain that will provide a seamless connection for suppliers and buyers of health providers.

Synthium health makes it easier for stakeholders in the health industry to be able to connect to each other when the need for medical devices arises, and they have been able to service this industry efficiently since they launched in 2015 and their services have become even more enhanced with the infusion of blockchain technology. Their supply and distribution have become even faster and more effective as it has made the process of contract management, delivery management, payment and order management a lot easier. Over the years, the company has evolved as they have signed up more partners and carried out various evaluations to improve their delivery process.

Synthium Health Platform’s ICO

The token of Synthium Health Platform (SHP) token when it was first launched was used by members as a fee to access the Synthium Health Platform. However, after some evaluation, it was upgraded and can now be used as currency for transactions for both supplies and buyers.

Initial Coin Offering of SHP’s Token    

To achieve its goals of pushing quality healthcare, Synthium Health has introduced a 25% bonus, so it is safe to say that now is the best time to key into the SHP offer if you have vested interest in the medical sector

Recent Updates

Synthium has introduced a membership fee of a token which is equivalent of $0.65 for a month, and members can now access digital wallets to enable them to manage their tokens effectively after it is fully integrated with the Synthium Health Platform.

Central Warehouse

SHP has also set up a central warehouse for standard distributions of their rewards that can be gotten through smart contracts which are in the process of being launched after the beta release is completed.

The management has also set up various partnerships in the last few months with suppliers, providers, manufacturers, distributors and 3PL companies to participate in the pilot project so proper testing can be done and vetted every step of the way.

Synthium Health Platform has been able to create a system that will help in reducing the cost of quality healthcare and streamlining the process of healthcare service distribution.

You can get more information on their wallet

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