Synthium Health ICO Update – Token Sale Ends in 1 Day

Synthium Health is a USA-based platform utilizing advanced technologies to provide a networked marketplace that engages healthcare providers as well as suppliers. This marketplace ensures simple, cost-effective transactions that grow businesses.

Synthium Health uses an e-commerce strategy to furnish clients with evolving technologies that fit into the market and guarantee brand visibility through tools that cut across social media, e-mails and other mobile marketing strategies.

Equipping clients with capabilities to compete easily without incurring high costs is at the heart of Synthium Health’s mission.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are no longer news as numerous companies launch this digital approach to raising large sums to fund new projects and ground-breaking ideas.

This trend is mostly in response to the understanding that blockchain provides better room for scalability and development of startups. By the generation of a token and its public sale, a democratic business model is established that transcends physical borders.

On that note, Synthium Health launched its ICO on as a strategy to fund its big idea of providing rich and adaptive supply-chain management solutions to cut operational costs, eradicate inefficiencies and improve revenue in the simplest ways possible. Since then, the platform has recorded some milestones.

Latest Updates on Synthium Health ICO

The Synthium Health ICO was launched with the label of a Token Generation Event on November 27, 2017. The token symbol is SHP, using the Ethereum ERC20 standard and valued at $0.65. The target sale of the ICO is 100 million SHP out of a total supply of 1 billion tokens. The minimum purchase anyone can make is $250 or an equivalent with any preferred cryptocurrency (LTC, ETH and BTC are accepted).

With the token sale ending on February 28, 2018, there are currently about 400 members on the platform and counting. The goal of the platform is to transform healthcare with one member at a time. At this phase of the token sale, a 25% bonus is up for grabs for those who invest now.

On February 25, 2018, the platform announced that Michael Innes, a supply chain management consultant had been added to the team for business development.

Synthium Health CEO, Vijay Reddy predicted on February 22, 2018 in an interview with Disruptor Daily that the healthcare community will see Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) redefine their models and many players who don’t evolve will go extinct. He then reiterated that Synthium Health is perfectly positioned to seamlessly link key players in the healthcare industry and create a win-win for them all.

With the token sale drawing to a close, Synthium Health is primed to fully operate the blockchain and enhance sales through data centre capabilities.

Vijay Reddy has identified the cost of supplies as the next most expensive aspect of healthcare, behind cost of labour. Therefore, Synthium Health is on the right path to making a difference and generally improving the healthcare system. You can be part of the revolution if you hurry before the token sale ends.

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