Synthium Health ICO is now finished, what is next?

The digital world came into play with the introduction of the blockchain technology, and while it was first meant solely for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, this innovative technology has found ways to infiltrate other sectors by having real-world applications.

The healthcare marketplace has long been lacking in the many benefits of this technology, but not anymore. Now there is a platform where information between healthcare providers and suppliers can be shared in a way that is more competent and cost-effective. This platform is known as Synthium Health.

The Synthium Health Platform

The Synthium Health platform is developing a unified healthcare square that enables the exchange of information between healthcare suppliers and providers. This all-inclusive platform was created with the sole aim of ensuring productivity within the healthcare supply chain by using an in-app token to simplify the experience of a B2B supply chain.

By getting rid of the manual work involved in the management of the supply chain, Synthium Health provides feature-rich and agile solutions using automation and synchronization. The platform also makes use of the latest technologies in digital commerce practices and transformation in cutting down the cost of operating, and increase growth and revenue.

One of the unique things about this platform is that it is available for everyone within the sector of healthcare supply that wants the scalability, availability, security and agility that comes with modern technologies, all in a single place.

Features of the Synthium Health Platform

Some of the unique features of the Synthium Health Platform include the following:

  • Improved Browsing

The platform comes with a browsing dashboard that is easy to navigate, where users can shop around for various healthcare facilities. No matter the price range, it is all available on the platform.

  • Placing of Orders

The process of getting healthcare products when they are needed are easier with the Synthium Health platform. Users can place orders directly from the platform and schedules deliveries at a suitable time.

  • Effortless Transactions

Users can now set up schedules for payment, and pay multiple vendors at the same time.

  • Management of Surgeries

Healthcare providers within the network can manage and schedule surgeries using the surgery management module on the platform. Also, JIT delivery for surgical schedules can be provided by manufacturers.

  • Products Education

Users can request for product samples from supplier, which can educate them more about the product.

  • Easy Integration

The platform can easily integrate with numerous procurement processes or systems without any hiccups to the operations.

  • Data Analysis

Users in the platform have quick access to analytics and other form of data on purchases.

  • Printing in 3D

Parties on the platform can manage customized shipping and printing processes, and at the same time reduce wait time.

  • Search Engine Technology

The platform also acts as a user-friendly search agent for specific products, and gives users results from various distributors of that product.

The Synthium Health ICO Now Finished

The Synthium Health platform uses the utility token known as SHP, whose ICO period lasted from November 27, 2017 to February 28, 2018. During this ICO period, the SHP was priced at $0.65 with a hard cap of 200 million SHP.

What is next?

From March 15, 2018 Synthium Health is going to improve the sales and marketing campaigns and the data capability of the platform, and will from there proceed to other activities like acquiring synergistic companies, a guided navigation engine, partnering with Synergistic businesses, and finally a Global Expansion.

The Synthium Health platform uses the blockchain technology and the SHP token to connect numerous partners and companies within the healthcare sector, and makes the search and sale of products more easier.

Watchout for the next stages of Synthium Health on the Website

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