Synthium Health! Digital Commerce in a Converging Healthcare World.

Synthium  Health is a supply chain management platform engineered to provide unique networking marketplace that brings together healthcare provider and suppliers for simplified, efficient and cost-effective exchanges that build businesses.

The world’s first and only blockchain enabled healthcare supply chain e-commerce marketplace platform,  enables providers and suppliers to exchange information and conduct eBusiness cost effectively. Our automated platform is centered around a holistic approach to creating efficiencies, all the way through the supply chain process.

Why us? Synthium Health uses advanced technologies and the latest best practices to provide agile, feature-rich supply chain management solutions that addresses a range of needs and budgets to always keep you highly competitive and maximize your business revenues using the latest  transformational technologies and digital commerce practices. We help cut operational costs, increase efficiencies  and boost revenues, while keeping it simple.

Synthium Health’s resilient platform delivers the speed, agility, security, availability that is right for you. We strife to make sure our innovative commerce practices and evolution will always keep your business growing without the need to think about software, maintenance and upgrades.

Delivering a 360° strategy. The power of Synthium Health’s 360° digital commerce interaction on a single platform helps grow brand visibility and build long-lasting relationships. With our amazing cross- channel tools via social, mobile , email and community networks, extending your reach to a high level in your business.

The Synthium Health value – based supply chain management platform offers maximum product visibility throughout its member network. An investment made to increase your  company’s online presence and product visibility is an investment in the future success of your company.

On the supplier side, our goal is to help manufacturers increase their sales. We search for manufacturers of FDA approved medical devices and supplies used by Healthcare providers worldwide to join Synthium Health. By joining our members-only platform, your  products will be sold to qualified buyers. Some  amazing benefits Synthium Health provides on the members-only platform are:- Brand recognition and equity, product leadership, increase share of voice and gained market share, enhanced product visibility to a purchase-ready audience, generates more sales and revenue on the platform.

Synthium Health goal is to get you up and running faster, cutting your time to get down to business while making you more productive and competitive. With our transparent and predictable pricing, we provide a low-cost, low-risk basis and high solution value that maximizes your margins and returns.

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