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SynergyLabs Accelerator Program: Empowering Web3 Projects In Thailand

The SynergyLabs Accelerator Program, the first Web3 ICP accelerator in Thailand, is uniquely designed to provide comprehensive support to blockchain projects across all stages of maturity. Its two-phase structure ensures that projects of varying ambition levels receive the right mix of guidance and resources to thrive.

Two-Phase Structure: Meeting the Needs of All Participants

  1. Foundation Phase: The foundational phase is self-paced and focuses on onboarding a wide range of participants, from idea-stage entrepreneurs to early-stage startups. Here, participants delve into ideation, foundational learning, and developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). During the 90-day journey, they access educational sessions, workshops, and mentorship opportunities that refine their project concepts and lay a solid groundwork for success.
  2. Accelerator Program Platform: After developing a market-ready MVP and a viable token model, successful projects gain a listing on the Accelerator Program Platform. This platform not only showcases them to the broader Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) community but also opens doors for SNS-backed token launches. This platform showcases them to the wider ICP community while simultaneously enabling SNS-backed token launches. Participants receive community-driven support, strategic partnerships, and funding opportunities.

Ongoing Support and Network Access

Graduating from the Accelerator Program marks the start of an ongoing support system. Alumni projects access the extensive investor network, strategic partnership opportunities, and continuous visibility within the ICP ecosystem. This ensures that participants have the resources required for their continued growth. Furthermore, the program provides access to a $15 million accelerartion fund  prize pool and connections to venture capital and angel investors.

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Guidance from Industry Experts

The program features venture capital investors as mentors in the accelerator cohorts, offering valuable insights and access to deal flows. These investors have led investments at renowned funds such as Fenbushi Capital, Fundamental Labs, Softbank Vision Fund, NewTribe Capital, Cypher Capital, and many others. Their expertise ensures that each project receives the mentorship required for exponential growth. Through one-on-one sessions and tailored advice, these industry experts guide participants in refining their strategies, navigating challenges, and seizing opportunities in the dynamic blockchain landscape. Their involvement extends beyond mere mentorship, often leading to strategic partnerships and investment opportunities that propel projects towards success.

Future Opportunities with the Olympus Platform

SynergyLabs Accelerator projects can also be featured on the Olympus platform, a consolidated hub for transparent project acceleration. Here, projects gain access to grants, crowdfunding, VC investments, and referrals, all on-chain. As an ecosystem pipeline, Olympus channels and curates projects from over 40 countries, helping them join a network of distributed accelerators, raise funds, and access global talent. Furthermore, being showcased on Olympus enhances visibility and credibility, attracting additional support from investors and partners worldwide. With its streamlined processes and decentralized approach, the platform empowers entrepreneurs to focus on innovation while leveraging the resources needed for sustainable growth.

Investors can benefit from early access to transparent, globally vetted projects, enabling them to identify high-potential startups while providing strategic support. By participating in the SynergyLabs Accelerator Program, investors gain exclusive access to a curated selection of cutting-edge projects at various stages of development. This early engagement allows investors to contribute valuable insights, network with industry leaders, and shape the future of decentralized technology. Moreover, the program facilitates direct connections between investors and entrepreneurs, fostering collaboration and driving innovation within the blockchain ecosystem.


The SynergyLabs Accelerator Program provides a strong foundation for Web3 and blockchain projects, empowering them to grow, scale, and succeed in the dynamic world of decentralized technology. Through comprehensive support, mentorship, and access to a vast network, SynergyLabs is a leading force in Thailand’s blockchain ecosystem. Join us on this journey, and unlock the potential to reshape the Web3 landscape. With its commitment to innovation and collaboration, SynergyLabs is driving meaningful change and fostering a thriving community of blockchain pioneers.


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