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Synergy Integrates Social Media and E-commerce to Create a Platform that will Transform the Space for Good

Blockchain has found a lot of applications in the last few years, with several industries relying on it to bring about revolutionary changes. Yet two domains remained largely untouched, Social Media and E-commerce. It could be attributed to the over-saturation of the market and a near monopoly created by the existing players. That’s about to change with the release of Synergy, a platform that will offer the best of both.

Synergy allows users to do much more than casual chit-chat or share pictures. It’s a platform where users find what’s trending around the globe, share cherished memories, watch videos, share content with their social circle, look at a wide range of exciting products, purchase them, and even list their products for sellers worldwide. It’s an excellent place for social media influencers trying to make it big in a space with cutthroat competition. Synergy offers everything one could ever ask for!

The integration of Social Media and E-commerce largely benefits the community in a number of ways. First, it allows users to perform every action through a single app, thus negating the need to install a dedicated one for each. Besides, the potential of E-commerce was yet to be fully tapped, and that’s what Synergy aims to achieve. It will simplify trading items while ensuring higher returns and savings for the seller and buyer, respectively. It’s a win-win situation for all!

Synergy offers buyers an engaging and user-friendly experience while coupling it with the benefits of blockchain that primarily includes security, a vital aspect often missing on platforms. Also, with users being able to find out the latest trends and shopping them on the same platform, it makes things all the more seamless and eliminates the need to navigate between apps. On Synergy, one can find what their favorite actor wore to the prestigious event last night, buy it right away, and post a picture as soon as it’s delivered. Simple isn’t it?

In addition to all this, Synergy strives to deliver the best possible experience to users and help them establish a steady stream of income. To achieve that, Synergy will share 30% of the revenue generated through advertisements with users. Besides, the platform incorporates the principles of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) when it comes to decision-making by allowing users to voice their opinion on critical matters and proposed changes. 

Synergy also plans to release a native token, developed considering the market volatility and other critical factors in mind. The token follows deflationary mechanics, wherein 25% of the cash at the end of each year will be used to buy back the tokens, thus removing them from circulation. Subsequently, the value of the ones that remain in circulation will rise. The total number of tokens to be released is capped at 92,233,720,368, of which 74,176,480 will be available during the ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The value for each token in the ICO is pegged at $0.5, a reasonable sum, given the project’s potential and recent market projections. Lastly, other than profiting from the increase in the value of Synergy’s token, investors will also receive a steady passive income and a host of rewards offered by Synergy. 

For those who haven’t yet, join Synergy today and witness the flawless integration of Social Media, E-commerce, and Blockchain. 

To participate in the ICO, head here

To find out more about Synergy, visit the official website

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