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Symbols of Communication: The Power of Technology and Design

Intelligible communicators are intelligent communicators. That is, they translate complex ideas into simple (but not simplistic) concepts. They personalize technology—they seek to do the same with blockchain-related products and services—by maximizing the power of symbols and economizing the use of words. They say everything they need to say by having a logo that says everything worth saying.

When logos for digital currencies are as familiar as the most established brands on Wall Street and Main Street, when the time comes to make this dream a reality, companies will have cause for celebration. (To the extent that the logo for Bitcoin is the most identifiable emblem of its kind, and inasmuch as a dollar sign is a global symbol of commerce, either one proves the following point: that a logo both denotes and connotes acceptance; that a logo says what currency a business accepts, just as that same logo elicits feelings of trust and relief from consumers; that a great logo is as self-explanatory as its value is self-evident.)

What we need, then, is an investment in this issue equal to people’s interest in the blockchain and digital currencies. I not only think so; I know so, because I have spent the majority of my career trying to summarize the principles of one brand versus another; because I know how effective the best logos are; because I know how indispensable these advantages are.

According to the team at, cost and quality are not synonymous, meaning an expensive logo is not necessarily even a good or mediocre logo. What matters most is choice—choices, rather, in which business owners can choose a logo that complements their respective goals.

Such a logo should be a compliment to its designers, too. It should confirm the group’s ability to convey not only what is articulable but what words alone cannot fully articulate: warmth, loyalty, excellence, and transparency, among many other things.

A logo is not a substitute for these things. It is, however, an extension of what must already exist (in part or whole) by blockchain-related companies and promoters of digital currencies. A logo that does not communicate these strengths is a failure. An infant industry that belies its own words with acts of weakness risks permanent failure.

If digital currencies thrive, they will do so, in part, through the currency of communication. That currency is exclusive to each enterprise and each entrepreneur. It is a currency that transcends countries and continents, whose image is a credit to its founders and an actual source of credit; whose credibility rests not on the laurels of its designers but the legitimacy of its design; whose perceived value equals or exceeds its value in the marketplace.

To do all of these things, and to do them well, is reason enough to have a logo that resonates with an international audience. That audience seeks to expand blockchain-related technology.

That audience must first find—and popularize—a logo that will be a sought-after commodity.

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