SwissBlock: New Crypto Exchange to be Launched with Zero Trading Fees

Key Features:

  • SwissBlock Exchange charges absolutely Zero Trading fees on cryptocurrency trades.
  • The Exchange includes a Crypto Bank that offers banking services and Credit/debit Cards in US, UK, and EU.
  • Lightning-Fast transfers with multi-node distributed deployment and high Scalability.  
  • SwissBlock Exchange will be a multifunctional platform to offer Staking, Swapping, Futures Trading, Margin Trading, Yield Farming, and even Stock Trading.
  • Following regulatory trends, the exchange complies with local laws to provide its users seamless trading experience across the globe.
  • The Crypto Bank and SwissBlock Exchange are expected to launch by the end of Q2, 2022.

Why SwissBlock can make a difference:

1. Zero Trading Fees:

From the barter system to cash and then from the classical banking system to digital currency, humanity has evolved covering the flaws in the monetary systems. Cash was a lot better than the previously used barter system as you don’t need to roam around carrying your wheat to exchange for the fruits. With the advent of the internet and e-commerce, the cash system was no longer efficient so internet banking was adopted. Moving on, there were people who this centralized system with boundaries and borders was bothering. With cryptocurrencies offering P2P transfers and censor-free transactions on the assets over which the governments and banks had no control, we have come a long way, except we believe there’s more to be done.

If a simple transaction is charging traders more than or even equal to a classic bank transfer would – the purpose of cryptocurrencies is half gone. Cryptocurrency exchanges are charges hefty amounts (though the fees claimed are only a part of 1%) from the crypto traders. As the trade volume increases, the fees are proportional. Few exchanges charge lower fees yet those are either not equipped with the necessary trading tool or do not have enough liquidity. There is a dire need for an exchange that protects the integrity and efficacy of cryptocurrencies – and SwissBlock addresses this perfectly right. SwissBlock is a multifunctional tool to assist crypto enthusiasts with their crypto trades by offering advanced services for absolutely Zero Fees. No matter what your trading volumes are the exchange would never ask you to pay even a single percent. 

2. High Scalability:

Scalability is a key feature that dominates one crypto platform from the other. To tackle network congestions and improve TPS (Transaction Per Second) without compromising the security was a challenge taken up by the SwissBlock developers. And now, the platform is capable of performing lightning-fast transactions and handling any number of users without affecting its performance. Through multi-node multifunctional distributed deployment, SwissBlock promises scalability which is second to none.

3. SwissBlock: The Crypto Bank

Fiat will ultimately be replaced by cryptocurrencies: that’s the fate of fiat. Once cryptocurrencies turn mainstream in the true sense, there is no reason people will want to go back to fiat. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, secure, and global with immutable blockchain technology while fiat is subject to the whims of centralized banks and governments.
With the universal crypto adoption, the current banking system has to either adopt the blockchain technology in one way or the other or they’ll be outperformed by the cryptocurrencies. SwissBlock comprehends the overwhelming market of cryptocurrencies and their future and hence pioneering a Crypto based Banking Services. SwissBlock has already acquired the license from the US, UK, and the EU and it is promptly building its infrastructure there. The Crypto bank will issue the crypto-based Credit and Debit cards to the users. 

4. Multi-functional Regularized Platform:

SwissBlock Exchange will be a multi-purpose and a multi-functional platform as it is well equipped with the following tools and opportunities:

  • Crypto Bank with Credit Cards (for US, EU, and UK Geolocations)
  • Real-time Market data through easy-to-use advanced trading tools
  • Spot Trading (Multi-chain Swaps)
  • Futures Trading
  • Margin Trading
  • Staking
  • Yield Farming
  • Stock Trading
  • Multiple Trading Pairs
  • Well Licensed and Regulated Services

While the world is still comprehending the crypto space and trying to bring this giant yet ‘hostile’ market into the tax net, there’s a dire need for one such platform that is well regulated. A few regulated entities are there however, none meets SwissBlock in providing high-end services with multiple trading opportunities. The platform will provide its users an advantage over the users on other platforms with its user-friendly interface and advanced tools. The SwissBlock ecosystem has matured itself in a way that it can function without charging even a cent from users for trading fees on its platform.

SwissBlock is expected to be launched at the end of Q2, 2022. The launch of this platform will spark a new race in the crypto space for providing a seamless trading experience across the globe and the banking venture will surely attract new players and investors. 

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