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Susumi Launches its IDO on P2PB2B Exchange. Invest Now for Maximum Returns!

Susumi, the revolutionary decentralized crowdfunding platform, is currently hosting its IDO, which started on June 15, 2021. Though launched recently, the project has already created a storm in the market with people registering and investing in large numbers. So, don’t miss the best opportunity there is right now and invest in the $SUSU token.

The $SUSU token is available at the low entry price of $0.003 during the IDO (Initial Dex Offering). The value will see a substantial rise once the token is listed and available for trading. This is being said after evaluating the various protocols employed, the popularity of Susumi, and the unique tokenomics backing the token. 

How do I invest in $SUSU?

The investment process is extremely simple and straightforward. Register on the Susumi platform, verify your email address, and activate the wallet. Once done, you then fund your Susumi Wallet with $BUSD token which is used to buy $SUSU, and a little bit of $BNB, about 0.01, which is used to pay Gas Fees. Also, experienced investors can use the Metamask wallet for purchasing $SUSU on P2PB2B Exchange

The Pre-sale will last until August 1, so make sure to purchase as many before that, and witness your investment shoot through the roof once the coin starts trading.

Why is there a need for Susumi?

Susumi draws its name from Susu, a traditional crowdfunding model that has existed for centuries. This is where a group with a fixed number of people pool their funds to finance or meet the economic needs of one of the members.

This popular social finance model has a few limitations. First is the formation of a group or finding the required number of donors since they have to be geographically close to each other. Then comes two critical factors of trust and accountability. There have been multiple instances of the fund-custodian embezzling funds. And, the last major limitation of Susu is consistency. The whole system functions on the fact that the donors will continue providing regular funds, and wouldn’t back out.

Susumi works on similar lines but eliminates all these problems. For instance, it is an Internet-based crowdfunding campaign, so participation is possible from every part of the globe. Secondly, since it is based on blockchain, the data or figures cannot be fudged, thus automatically building trust amongst the various participants. And finally, by employing the Smart Contracts and introducing the native SUSU token, Susumi can easily regulate the flow of funds and ensure regular participation.  

Statistically there has been an exponential rise in both the number of crowdfunding campaigns and the funds raised through it in the last few years, however we alos find that a large majority of campaigns do not succeed. So, there’s indeed a need for a platform that can help create a campaigns that succeed easily and quickly.
Susumi incenitvises donors by rewarding them for donation to campaign.  This process helps more crowdfunding campaigns succeed faster, cheaper and securely 

The Susumi platform is growing a global community of people willing to donate to build others up and in the process derive the benefits themselves.

How can I benefit from Susumi?

Susumi offers a plethora of benefits to everyone, both donors and beneficiaries.
A Susumi user who intends to raise money for a project just needs to:
Create a Susu Fund. State the amount required. Stake some $SUSU tokens to activate the Fund, and then publish the campaign. Others who seek to receive the incentive will then donate to the campaign using a stable coin. Susumi uses $BUSD for funding campaigns.

All the funds donated, less a small platform fee, go directly to the Wallet of the Beneficiary. Donors, on the other hand, receive rewards in the form of $SUSU tokens equalling the amount of $BUSD coins donated to the campaign.
These reward tokens can also be staked to create a new Susu Fund campaign of their own on Susumi. 

To ensure that the investor’s fund remains secure if any campaign created on Susumi does not meet the target in 30 days, the transaction is reversed and all the funds donated, including the initial stake will automatically be transferred back to the owners’ wallets.

These benefits are like a big boost that bring a lot of excitement into the whole process of crowdfunding, thus making Susumi an immediate hit amongst the masses. Susumi already has a Social Media following of over 30,000 and it is growing everyday!

All about the $SUSU token

The $SUSU token is pretty much the backbone of the Susumi ecosystem. It will be used to reward donors, besides being employed for staking. The total supply of the $SUSU token is capped at 100,000,000,000, of which 95% or 95,000,000,000 would be reserved in the Susumi Smart Contract and are only issued out to Donors for donating to a Crowdfunding Campaign.

The smart contract pricing algorithm detects the demand of the token against the total supply, thus identifying a price that’s both sustainable for the project and profitable for the investors, in this was the $SUSU Coin value remains free of market speculation. 

If you have been looking to start a crowdfunding campaign or contribute to one, Susumi would be a perfect choice.

Register today and acquire $SUSU tokens for maximum profit!

To find out more about Susumi, visit the official website:

Follow Susumi on all social media channels to stay updated with the recent developments.






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