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Sustainable Travel Options for International Events

Sustainable Travel

The pandemic is slowly coming to an end within the Western World. Events will start the pickup and international travel will once again be part of our lives.

The combination of the two, international travel and events, is one that can be quite damning for the environment. But how do we include sustainability within the conversation?

It might not be initially clear, but there are quite some things that both event planners, as well as attendees, can do to support the cause.

The concept around a carbon footprint? 

Our carbon footprints have a dramatic effect on our world. As they increase, so does the temperature of the planet. 

But why is this bad? We all like warm weather, right? Sure, a couple of extra degrees to the spring song is a nice short term advantage. But do look further and you will see the broader impact of what is happening. 

An example being, hurricanes of unseen magnitude causing a human catastrophe in the Caribbean and the southern parts of the United States. And that is just the beginning. As it stands, we can expect these disasters more frequently and of greater magnitude.

Carbon footprint calculator

If you have ever wondered how you can determine the impact of your Carbon Footprint, then do not worry because there are tools in place to help you.

The Carbon Fund Calculator Tool is a website that will make it easy for you to determine your impact on the environment while also learning how to reduce it. If you want to ‘be better’, then this might be your first step.

To Fly, or Not to Fly

Looking at international events. Travelling is something that is ingrained within our lives and the industry.

Of all the ways to travel, flying causes more pollution per kilometre than any other transport mode. That is the Golden Rule for eco-friendly travel: don’t fly, unless you have to. 

Consider other options if possible. If you’re travelling to a different continent or international events, then you’re probably going to have to fly. But say you’re travelling from within the same country, or a neighbouring country. Maybe ditch the short flights? 

If you have to fly, avoid layovers where you can. It’s extra miles, which means extra fuel. A layover might save you money, but it’s worse for the environment. Besides, think of the extra time you’ll gain by flying directly! 

Know your destination

Since we are talking about travel regarding international events, it is important to know where your final destination is exactly located. This will save you time and stress during your actual travels.

Sustainable Travel Options

Outdoor rooftop venue on a boat in London via Spacehuntr

Event planners will want to know about outsourcing their tasks since they have so many of them. If you are in need of a special event venue, then you want to consider chatting with the Spacehuntr team.

This team of meeting and event experts have a wide variety of partner venues that they work with across the globe. Whether you need a conference hall, a bar for after-work, or a hotel to stay the night. Spacehuntr will have plenty of options for you at the ready.

1) Travel by train 

Train companies want to push their advantage in the clean energy rankings too. LED lighting, improved traction, ventilation, and braking systems are some of the industry’s latest developments.

It’s clear to see how movements like flygskam — or flight shame — inspired by world-famous Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg are taking off (pardon the pun). 

2) Buses

The energy efficiency of a bus depends on how many people get on board. So, the more you and others opt to journey on a bus, the more energy-efficient that bus journey becomes. 

If it’s not clear by now, your choices do matter. No matter how small or inconsequential your actions sometimes feel, they do!

3) Walk or bike

Walking saves the environment. There, we said it. Aside from that, it will save you money and improve your health. Just 30 minutes of walking a day can reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis. 

Renting a bike has the same advantages as walking, but it’s much quicker. Did you know that more than 82% of car trips are five miles or less? Opting for a bike is a bonafide way to help save our environment, get some exercise, and have fun. 

Wrapping up  

Walk, cycle, fly if you have to. It might be considered a ‘new normal’, but that is already what we are going towards this year. We cannot refer back to the old ways. Those were flawed and should stay out.

International event travel is important, it brings people together and celebrates cultural differences. However, this should not be at the cost of the environment. Let’s be better, together.

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