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Sustainable Living: Turn to Green

Sustainable Living: Turn to Green

The modern world is a bit of a weird mix. Our lives are getting easier in some aspects, and much more difficult in others. Services, all the food we want, and products – are always a click away. But that comfort comes with a hefty price. And our planet is the one that, unfortunately, has to pay that price. What can we do? We certainly cannot stop technological development. Small steps, on the other hand, can be a real solution. We’re not going to tell you to stop buying anything or travelling. Small steps. Sustainability is a lifestyle and a choice we can make. We don’t have to sacrifice everything or change our lives dramatically. Just a little bit will do fine. We still get to be comfortable and do the things we enjoy. Here are some simple tips on how to turn green.

Green Lifestyle

That’s a shift in mentality. And a lot of people start noticing the merit of it. If we understand the simple fact that sustainability is not a trend but a way of living made up of our habits, we’ll see the change we want to see. We make choices every day. Why not make environmentally friendly ones…? It encompasses pretty much everything – from segregating our waste to buying green products. All of that is a huge help in the mission to reduce our ecological footprint.

Green Fashion

Pretty much everyone has access to any clothes they like – we’re only limited by our budgets. There’s no shortage of affordable brands available on the market, which is also why we often can’t seem to stop buying more products. And the fact of the matter is that we don’t even wear them that often. Probably without even knowing it, we contribute to one of the most harmful industries – at least for the environment. Just to give you an idea – 2,700 litres are used to make a single T-shirt. Yes, a single T-shirt. Another thing is that about 85% of textiles end up in landfills.

Many brands recognize that and put a lot of effort to make their processes as eco-friendly as possible and promote something called a capsule wardrobe. It’s important to support them. It’s a good fight.

Green Home Decor

Now that think and dress “green”, it’s time to put a little effort into your living space. Yes, you can make it much more eco-friendly – with the right choices, of course. For any enthusiasts of interior design out there, we have some great news. Sustainability is in demand. The use of natural elements and colours is all the rage. So, there’s no reason to compromise style for “green” products. We can have the best of both worlds. Indoor greenery, natural paints, energy-efficient lighting and the list goes on. You can easily enter the world of sustainable homeware – linen sheets, bamboo towels, or, perhaps, a natural bath mat. These products are right at our fingertips – all eco-friendly.

Personal Care

There’s no doubt taking care of yourself is very important. But is it possible to do it without hurting the planet? Our personal hygiene products, such as shampoos, soaps and lotions are full of harmful chemicals with unsustainable packaging. A lot of them also contain palm oil, which, when produced irresponsibly, contributes to deforestation. So, try some natural and organic skincare and personal care products that are free from harmful chemicals and packaged sustainably. Look for items like bamboo toothbrushes, refillable or recyclable containers, and biodegradable alternatives to single-use products. That’ll do.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the small choices we make on a daily basis. It’s not that hard, but it does take a little bit of thought and effort – but it’s worth it. This way, we work towards the betterment of our planet for ourselves – and future generations.

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