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Sustainable Interior Design Ideas: Bringing Rattan Furniture, Terracotta Flooring & More Into Your Home

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Are you looking to spruce up your living space while incorporating eco-friendly options? Look no further than sustainable interior design! From rattan furniture to terracotta flooring, there are many ways to bring environmentally-friendly elements into your home without sacrificing style. Whether you are redesigning an entire room or just looking to add some new pieces, sustainable interior design is a great way to create a beautiful and conscious living space. Read on for ideas on incorporating sustainable furniture and décor into your home.


Incorporating more plants into your home interior is an excellent way to add a touch of sustainability to your decor. Bringing in plants that require little to no sunlight, such as ferns, aloe vera, and snake plants, can make reaching your goal of a green interior easier. You can improve air quality and reduce noise levels by placing potted plants in different areas of the home. Not only do plants help make our homes more sustainable, but they also add beautiful colors and textures that can spruce up any living space. Plants are great natural decorations that add life to otherwise dull interiors, making them more inviting and pleasant for guests and family.

Sustainable Interior Designer

One way to boost the sustainability of your home interior is by hiring an experienced sustainable interior designer. Find an interior designer near you who can help you find materials and methods that reduce environmental impact without sacrificing aesthetics or comfort. You should find someone knowledgeable in green standards like LEED, Living Building Challenge, WELL, etc., with experience working with sustainable building systems and materials. Fortunately, many professionals across the country can help you achieve your goals.

Rattan Furniture

Bringing rattan furniture into your home interior is an excellent way to incorporate sustainable design. Not only is rattan furniture stylish and elegant, but it is also created from sustainable materials that are easy on the environment. Rattan has little environmental impact due to its lightweight, fast growth rate, and natural durability. Furthermore, rattan furniture pieces hold their shape better than other types of woven-style furniture and do not require much maintenance or replacement. Whether you are looking for a cozy sofa chair or sophisticated furnishings for your living room, adding rattan to your space is a great choice for environmentally conscious decorating.

Terracotta Flooring

Incorporating sustainable design in your home interior can be earth-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Terracotta flooring is an excellent way to achieve this. It adds texture and character to any space and is one of today’s most eco-friendly flooring materials. Terracotta is made from fired clay, with no chemicals or synthetic dyes used in its production. Additionally, it helps reduce energy bills by insulating homes and controlling interior temperatures effectively throughout the seasons. As if that is not enough, terracotta flooring is also very easy to care for, requiring occasional sweeping and damp mopping. Transform your home’s décor while doing something good for the environment by choosing terracotta flooring.

Recycle Furnishings

Incorporating sustainable design into your home interior these days is easier than ever. Reclaiming or recycling furnishings is a great way to add green elements to your home. Not only does it lessen the environmental impact of making things from scratch, but it also gives furniture new life. Many furniture stores carry reclaimed and recycled products, so finding something that fits your home’s style is easy. You can find unique pieces at thrift stores or online marketplaces if you feel creative. Buying timeless second-hand items often saves money versus buying brand-new furniture.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Incorporating sustainable design into your home interior does not have to be difficult or expensive. One of the easiest and simplest ways is to install energy-wise lighting. Not only are LED bulbs and fixtures more energy efficient, but they also last much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Furthermore, there are many stylish options to create a beautiful atmosphere throughout the house while still living responsibly. And, because they use less power, you can also reduce your electricity bills. With just a few changes, sustainable design can be an easy and enjoyable part of every home.

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