SurveySparrow vs Typeform

SurveySparrow is an omnichannel experience management platform designed to help businesses and other categories of users to enhance customer experience as well as that of employees. The platform has been compared with other similar solutions since its launch, with the popular Typeform, being one of such. Typeform is popular for its user-friendliness, thanks to its minimal design and the range of features it offers.

Typeform and SurveySparrow share some similarities as well as differences, which users have considered before making their decision. The features of both platforms are briefly highlighted as follows to ease the decision-making process of users.


Intuitive Builder

SurveySparrow, as an online survey tool, is designed to enable users to create smart and beautiful surveys, supporting multiple languages as well as several purposes. Features of the survey builder include over 25 question types including Heatmap, Matrix, Multiple and Picture Choice, and Payment, amongst others, built-in features such as answer piping, voice transcription and sentiment analysis for a seamless experience, highly customizable surveys with several fonts, colors, and themes, as well as multi-device compatibility of surveys and suitability with different survey types include classic, chat, 360-degree feedback, NPS, and offline surveys.

The Typeform builder on the other hand has a drag-and-drop interface to make survey creation easy, especially for persons with no coding experience, allowing them to add elements to the survey.


SurveySparrow has a library of over 540 pre-designed survey templates, allowing users to create surveys in a few clicks. The survey builder also enables easy customization with templates for video surveys, chat, and classic forms.

Typeform also has a plethora of pre-built templates, making it easy for businesses to create surveys with ease.

White labeling

SurveySparrow has a custom domain that allows users to easily remove their brand names from survey URLs before sharing them with their audience. It enables creators to customize surveys to the pixel, add brand logos, and choose fonts, colors, themes, and background that aligns with the brand.

Typeform provides users with the option to white-label surveys according to their needs.


SurveySparrow comes with a custom reports creation feature that helps users to build and design multiple reports with the responses received and the desired metrics. Users can set various filter groups to view responses, add tags to responses, and as well as make the reports more attractive using colors.

Typeform enables users to view responses and completion rates, generate shareable reports, and send data to other tools for in-depth analysis.


SurveySparrow offers over 1500 integration options through Zapier and native integrations. Integrations include Salesforce, Zendesk, MailChimp, Power BI, Microsoft Teams, and a host of others. Users can also get a notification in Slack, create cards on Trello, and design automated workflows using Webhooks and API.

Typeform also supports the integration of different platforms, offering Coda, Zapier, EnjoyHQ, Chattermill, Google Analytics, Noko, Axeptio, Mention, Tick, Curated, and more for analytics and reporting. Some collaboration tools for Typeform are OneDrive, Contentful, Slack, Paymo, Airtable, Monday, Quip, Yalla, GitLab, and Yammer. Typeform also enables the use of Crumble, Leadsbird, Zendesk Sell, Chameleon, Neto, Ronin, Targeto, Eventbrite, and others for lead generation.


SurveySparrow is created as a no-code platform to enable easy survey creation and analysis. The neatly arranged survey builder has an easy-to-understand interface that includes a clear landing page, survey preview page, help center, and a supportive community of like-minded users.

Typeform has built-in photo and video libraries, with custom layouts and themes along with a sleek interface.


SurveySparrow allows users to sign up for a free trial without sharing their credit card details. Interested users can also get a personalized demo from their team. There are no hidden charges, with the basic plan starting at $19 and the enterprise plan available for $499 monthly, billed annually. Users can also request custom pricing to suit their needs.

Typeform offers three different plans – Essentials plan for $30 monthly, Professional plan at $35 monthly, and Premium plan costing $59 per month, all with annual billing. Users can also get custom solutions based on their requirements.

Customer Support

SurveySparrow delivers round-the-clock technical support with 24/5 live chat, email, and phone support with no extra charges even for free users. Typeform also offers live chat support to its users.

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