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The supply chain technology industry has evolved over the years, with solutions providers offering products to meet the diverse and growing demands of customers. 2020 was a particularly unique year for various reasons, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting normalcy and ultimately leading to new ways of doing things even in the business environment. The supply chain technology industry was also affected by the pandemic, with service providers in the market having to adjust to the “new normal” and deliver solutions as necessitated by new developments as seen with

Experts have predicted that 2021 will bring new hope for logistics technology firms across the globe, offering some respite to businesses that were able to survive the tumultuous 2020. The increasing need for businesses in the logistics industry to digitize, with their teams spreading out and working from home will lead to a growth in the demand for software applications designed to help manage transportation procurement.

Even as things seem to be picking up amid the ravaging pandemic, the effect of the health crisis will continue to linger for a very long time and some of the expected developments in the supply chain technology industry in 2021 and beyond are briefly highlighted as follows.

Contactless Operations

The need to reduce physical interaction and minimize contact during shipping led to the advent of contactless operations, which include contactless pickup and delivery. While this has helped in reducing health and safety risk, it has required businesses in the supply chain technology industry to come up with ways of meeting the needs of their customers. This is particularly true as experts predict that the industry will continue to see the advantages of this type of process long after the necessity of contactless operations is gone. Consequently, the world might continue to witness a situation where the driver remains in his cab while he checks-in and handles all communication surrounding loading and unloading, a process that easily lends itself to electronic BOLs and other documents.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud-based solutions have become increasingly popular in recent times, with more businesses looking to leverage its amazing features to enhance their operations. The case is not particularly different in the supply chain technology industry, with distributed teams exposing the need for real-time sharing and collaboration tools. Consequently, 2021 will most likely see the emergence of more cloud-based solutions for operations, collaboration, and communication, allowing team members to work from any location with guaranteed security of their data and reduction in the need for paper. There will also be a greater need for VoIP calls or video conferencing.


Visibility can be said to be an offshoot of the digitization of operations. Over the years, the supply chain industry has pursued this aspect, with new systems and processes lending a hand to the cause. Artificial intelligence is one technology that the industry will leverage going forward, with AI scanning of electronic documents enabling easy reporting and analysis, plus tracking and monitoring. Better visibility also helps businesses to reduce risk and costs by predicting disruptions and the effects. Artificial intelligence can be used as a “control tower” for receiving end-to-end data, making decisions, and learning to improve performance and efficiency.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to changes in the logistics industry and technology has been of immense help in this regard. The demand for innovative solutions will continue in 2021 and businesses in the supply chain technology industry, such as AMCONSOFT will be busy providing clients with products to enhance their operations.

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