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Supplier Management Software

Harrington Supplier Management Software is robust, comprehensive supplier management software consisting of ten subsystems covering all aspects of the supplier lifecycle. It is the perfect solution for midsized to large companies with many suppliers and complex sourcing needs.

It is designed to manage multiple subsidiaries in different countries from a central location, reducing costs and providing easy access to real-time data.

  • The software allows for integration into your current system, or you can use it as a standalone solution. It includes an enterprise portal with a rich user experience to increase collaboration between employees in different departments such as sales, finance, and procurement. The software has a flexible workflow routing engine, enabling easy escalation paths when necessary. All suppliers are categorized in various ways, which allows you to search for suppliers based on various criteria such as industry, location, and capability.
  • The software automates supplier data collection such as quality, certifications, and financials, ensuring that all information is up-to-date and accurate. The supplier risk rating can be determined by using a built-in questionnaire to help you find suppliers with the lowest possible risks. The software will also perform annual supplier evaluations and performance ratings so your business can continually improve processes and measure results to meet compliance requirements.

The Components of Harrington Supplier Management Software

  • Order Management;
  • Inventory Management;
  • Materials Planning;
  • Procurement & Sourcing;
  • Production Tracking; and
  • Warehouse Management. This means a single supplier management system can be tailored according to a company’s specific needs, reducing overhead costs in several ways. For example, companies that don’t require procurement and Sourcing can avoid paying the fees for this module.

Harrington Supplier Management Software has a wide range of powerful features that help businesses stay connected while staying in control. Let’s take a look at these updated feature.

Feature of Harrington Supplier Management Software

  • Electronic Order Form;
  • Cloud-based access from any device with an Internet connection;
  • One-click order entry from Salesforce, iPhone, and Android devices;
  • Robust analytics capabilities including detailed reports and charts for better tracking of metrics such as deliveries to customers by the supplier, delivery time, number of orders in transit, risks, stock levels, and more;
  • Dynamic dashboard that gives a visual representation of various aspects of businesses such as status of an order cycle throughout the whole process, complete details about a supplier or what type/size/color items are in highest demand, etc.; and many more.
  • Harrington Supplier Management Software is designed to work with other widely-used software systems. It can be integrated with popular ERP and CRM platforms such as Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, etc. This means a company’s current business process won’t have to change to use the supplier management system – which saves time and money on training employees.
  • Since HSMS is cloud-based, companies don’t need to invest capital in buying hardware or software updates at frequent intervals – this makes it affordable for small-scale businesses. Additionally, there are no upfront fees for using Harrington Supplier Management Software – users can choose from a range of monthly/annual licenses that suit their budgets and requirements the best.

Reasons Which Make HGI Supplier Management Software Different from Other Supplier Management Software in the Market:

1) The latest version of Harrington 5’s5’s supplier management software (5.0) allows users to be more productive by uprooting tedious tasks like creating purchase orders or shipping requests for your suppliers.

2) It gives you complete visibility into all aspects of your supplier relationship.

3) It ensures that all documents flow seamlessly through to accounting.

4) It supports any size business.

5) It allows you to easily monitor compliance for multiple locations and your global supplier network.

Harrington 5 is one of the best Supplier Management Software available because it can be used by businesses dealing with suppliers at any level. It has several benefits, which are discussed below:

Benefits Of Using HGI Supplier Management Software

1) Easy To Use – Harrington 5’s5’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage suppliers by helping users save time, avoid costly mistakes and ensure compliance.

2) Get Complete Visibility Into Your Supplier Relationship – With this software, you will have complete visibility into your supplier relationship, including approvals, purchases, contracts, etc. Also, managers can contact their suppliers by sending emails and creating notes to be shared in real-time.

3) Easy To Track All The Documents – Harrington 5 helps you track all the documents seamlessly from supplier management to accounting. This software also provides a high level of compliance control which enhances your business value by reducing risk and providing visibility into compliance across your global supplier network. For example, it allows users to track all purchase orders, sales orders, receive orders, payment instructions, etc.

4) Supports Any Size Business – Harrington 5 Supplier Management Software is scalable and enables any size business from small or mid-sized companies to large multinational organizations.

5) Get Complete Access From Anywhere: With Harrington 5, you can get complete access to your supplier relationship anywhere. Get seamless integration across all your applications, including CRM, WMS, PPS, RMDS, etc.

With the updated version of HGI Supplier Management Software, creating quotes, sales orders, and invoices are simplified through autocomplete functionality which speeds up tasks by reducing typing errors. The solution includes an electronic signature feature that verifies approvals at every step of the process rather than waiting for signatures to be provided manually. The software is designed with mobile users in mind and allows employees to access supplier information even when they are.

The solution includes supplier contract management capabilities that enable you to store, view, and manage all supplier documents such as NDAs, PO’s or invoices. It also enables easy product information storage, documenting what you’ve purchased from suppliers, how it was priced, and who approved the purchase. The system automatically flags irregularities such as price discrepancies or incorrect specifications that may result in wasted resources or losses for your business.

Harrington Supplier Management Software is built using a Structured Query Language (SQL) database, which provides fast performance results even when managing large amounts of data. There is no additional cost for customizing the software to suit your needs. In conclusion, Harrington Supplier Management Software is a powerful business tool that can increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies.

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