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Supercharge Your Brand: Twitter Verified Organizations A Branding Revolution At $1,000 A Month

Supercharge Your brand

In today’s digital age, trust and credibility are paramount for organizations seeking to establish a solid online presence. Recognizing this need, Twitter has embarked on a mission to create the most trusted place on the internet for organizations to verify their affiliations and connect with their followers. Through Twitter Verified Organizations, businesses, non-profits, and government institutions can now solidify their identities, manage their verification process, and foster engagement with their entire network of affiliated accounts.

Affiliation and Amplification

Twitter Verified Organizations takes verification further by allowing organizations to affiliate individuals or entities associated with their brand. Affiliated accounts receive their own verification, denoted by blue, gold, or grey check marks, and an affiliate badge a small image of the parent company’s profile picture displayed next to the checkmark. This badge is a powerful driver of followers, as users can click or tap on it to be directed straight to the affiliated organization’s profile. The possibilities are vast, whether it’s affiliating leadership, support handles, teams, government officials, or other related entities. There are no limits to the number of affiliates an organization can have as long as they are connected.

Empowering Control and Flexibility

Subscribing to Twitter Verified Organizations grants organizations access to a robust verification management tool. With this tool, organizations maintain full control over their presence on Twitter. They can add or remove affiliated accounts anytime, ensuring that their network stays up-to-date and relevant. However, it’s important to note that affiliates must accept an invitation and complete a double opt-in process to receive verification. It ensures that only approved accounts can enjoy the benefits of affiliation.

Pricing and Features

Twitter Verified Organizations are charged a monthly subscription fee of $1,000 in the United States, along with an incremental charge of $50 per month for each additional affiliate. Prices may vary by region, and checking the official Twitter website for up-to-date pricing information is advisable. By subscribing to Verified Organizations, businesses and institutions gain access to various features that elevate their Twitter presence. The gold and grey check marks, square avatars, and custom affiliation badge distinctly identify and differentiate the organization’s main account, spokespeople, and subsidiary accounts. Twitter remains committed to improving its service and may introduce or modify new features over time. It’s essential to adhere to Twitter’s Purchaser Terms, of Service, and policies to maintain the verified status and associated badging.

Verified Organizations Portal: Simplifying Management

Twitter is introducing a groundbreaking feature the Verified Organizations Portal. This portal empowers any verified organization to sign up, manage to bill, and verify their entire network seamlessly. Whether adding new employees, launching a movie franchise, or updating team details for professional sports groups, any organization can rely on the Verified Organizations Portal to streamline their management tasks effectively. Detailed instructions on utilizing this portal can be found on the Twitter website.

Custom Organization Profile: Making a Unique Mark

Verified Organizations enjoy a host of customization options for their profiles. In addition to the highly coveted gold checkmarks, businesses receive square avatars that set them apart from other organizations. Moreover, all Verified Organizations accounts have a dedicated profile tab listing all affiliated accounts. This tab, conveniently located alongside the Tweets tab, lets visitors explore the organization’s network in one central location. Organizations can provide their followers with an intuitive and immersive experience with affiliation badges and the affiliation tab.

Impersonation Defense: Safeguarding Legitimacy

Impersonation is a persistent concern in the digital realm, but Twitter Verified Organizations offer a robust defense against such threats. Verified Organizations and their affiliated accounts benefit from continuous monitoring to detect any changes to display names, profile photos, or usernames that may indicate impersonation. Suspected impersonators are flagged for further review, ensuring the integrity of verified accounts. Additionally, all Verified Organizations enjoy access to Premium Support, enabling them to swiftly address critical issues that may arise.

Premium Support: Timely Assistance When It Matters

Verified Organizations subscribers gain access to Twitter’s Premium Support. This service ensures that organizations experiencing issues related to onboarding, adding or removing affiliates, billing, or impersonation of their accounts receive prompt and dedicated support. Twitter recognizes the importance of timely assistance in maintaining a smooth and hassle-free experience for verified organizations.

Elevated Limits for Enhanced Engagement

Twitter Verified Organizations and their affiliates enjoy significantly high limits for tweets, direct messages, and media uploads. These expanded rate limits empower organizations to deliver seamless customer support, engage in live-tweeting events, or execute auto-response campaigns effectively. By leveraging these high limits, verified organizations can maximize their online presence and deliver a superior experience to their audience.


Twitter Verified Organizations emerge as a beacon of trust and authenticity in a digital landscape teeming with information and impersonation. With a subscription to Verified Organizations, organizations can leverage the power of verification, affiliation, and customization to establish an authoritative and recognizable presence on Twitter.

Through the Verified Organizations Portal, organizations gain effortless control over their network, while affiliation badges and the affiliation tab create an immersive experience for visitors. Impersonation defense and Premium Support provide crucial safeguards and assistance. Moreover, the high limits for tweets, direct messages, and media uploads open new avenues for engagement and customer interaction.

As organizations seek to foster trust and elevate their online standing, Twitter Verified Organizations offers a robust and comprehensive solution for their needs.


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