Super Mario’s Best Enemies Of All Time

Since making his debut in 1985, Mario has been battling a variety of enemies on his quest to save the Mushroom Kingdom. Over the years, these foes have become as iconic as the plumber himself, and many have gone on to become staples of the Mario series. Let us take a closer look at some of Super Mario’s best enemies of all time. From Bowser to Goombas and more, discover what makes these foes a source of fascination and entertainment and such beloved staples of the series.


Bowser, also known as King Koopa, is easily Mario’s most famous and enduring foe. As the ruler of the Koopa Kingdom, Bowser is constantly scheming to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnap Princess Peach. He is a fierce and of the powerful adversary, with the ability to breathe fire and throw hammers at Mario. Bowser is also sometimes depicted as having a softer side. In one of the Super Mario games, such as the Super Mario RPG, where he has a young son named Bowser Jr.,


Goombas are one of Mario’s most iconic enemies, known for their mushroom-like appearance and simple behavior. These creatures walk back and forth, often blocking the Mario’s path or slowing him down. While they may be easy to defeat individually, Goombas often come in large numbers, making them a formidable obstacle for Mario to overcome.

Koopa Troopa

These turtle-like creatures come in a variety of colors and are famous for their ability to retreat into their shells. Mario can defeat Koopa Troopas by stomping on them, knocking them out of their shells, or using their shells as weapons. In some games, Koopa Troopas also have the ability to fly, which adds an extra layer of challenge for Mario.


Boos are ghostly enemies that first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3. These shy creatures are known for their ability to turn invisible when Mario looks at them, making them difficult to defeat. However, they can be defeated with certain items like the Starman or by turning them into normal enemies with a Mario’s Cap.

Super Mario's Best Enemies

Shy Guys 

Shy Guys are mysterious masked enemies that first appeared in the game Super Mario Bros. 2. While they may not be particularly aggressive, they are known for their speed and ability to fly. In some games, Shy Guys will drop helpful items like coins and power-ups when defeated.


While technically an anti-hero rather than a true enemy, Wario has fought against Mario in a variety of games over the years. Known for his brute strength and greed, Wario is a stubborn and formidable opponent for Mario to face.

Bottom Line

Super Mario’s enemies are just as important and memorable as the hero himself. These foes have become beloved staples of the Mario series and continue to challenge and entertain gamers of all ages. Whether it’s Bowser’s powerful fire breath or the simple but charming behavior of the Goombas, these enemies are an essential part of what makes the Mario games so special. 

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