Press Release Integrates Ajna Protocol To Offer More Expansive Noncustodial Lending And Borrowing

Noncustodial Lending And Borrowing, a DeFi platform helping users get the most out of their assets, has announced its integration with Ajna Protocol, a noncustodial, peer-to-pool, permissionless lending and borrowing system. This integration enables users to perpetually borrow and lend on assets that may not be available on other DeFi protocols. It is the latest and Ajna collaboration since March’s successful Ajna Games.

The integration allows users to borrow or lend on curated Ajna pools using Along with borrowing or lending, there are multiple other ways to interact with the protocol. Furthermore, the absence of protocol-level governance and dependency on external price feeds gives users the advantage of a more secure system.

As a lender, In addition to generating yield, lenders who use Ajna through can accrue AJNA tokens through a liquidity mining token reward exclusive to

Lenders deploy capital by choosing a collateral to lend against and managing the price level for their deposit. Lenders can expect to actively manage their positions by monitoring the collateral asset’s market price. 

In addition to accessing secured perpetual loans with market-driven rates, borrowers who use Ajna through can earn an AJNA token reward exclusive to

Borrowers can expect an origination fee on all borrowed funds and should be aware of the two-step liquidation fee. The first fee of 90 days of interest is applied when a loan is triggered for liquidation. A second fee of 7% is applied once the first sale of collateral occurs. Borrowers can also expect to see a liquidation price for each of their loans and will notice that it moves slowly as interest accumulates to existing debt.

Ajna is uniquely designed with permissionless pool creation, no protocol governance, and no price feeds. Ajna fills the gaps in the market that competitors miss by allowing users to create pools for the assets they want through a system with less systemic risk. Ajna’s own app will soon offer access to all the protocol’s basic functionality. The integration gives users access to select pools and functionalities through a well-designed user experience taking advantage of experience in building a popular DeFi frontend.. In addition to borrowing and lending, users will be able to increase their exposure to the collateral asset using the Multiply feature.

Once a pairing of assets has been created, any user can come to the pool to lend or borrow quote tokens by pledging collateral. Lenders input a price that they’re willing to lend at and, in the worst case, are ready to purchase the collateral, while borrowers are given options for the amount of collateral they have. Smart contracts use market mechanisms to manage liquidity, interest rates, and liquidations. Loans on Ajna are perpetual and do not expire. More information on these mechanisms is provided in the whitepaper.

This integration benefits users looking to borrow against any crypto, against NFTs, or invest in money markets or short markets.

“Cryptocurrency holders have been waiting for a truly decentralized, permissionless, and secure way to lend and borrow various assets. We’re stoked to partner with Ajna to make that a reality,” said Chris Bradbury, CEO of

“This collaboration with offers our community an even more decentralized and user-friendly borrowing and lending experience. It aligns perfectly with our mission to make DeFi accessible to everyone. We’re looking forward to seeing its impact on the industry,” Greg DiPrisco from the Ajna team said.

About Ajna:

The Ajna protocol is a non-custodial, peer-to-peer, permissionless lending and borrowing system designed with no governance or external price feeds. The protocol consists of pools with lenders and borrowers. Ajna expands the universe of accepted collateral tokens used within DeFi, letting users borrow and lend against almost any ERC-20 or ERC-721 token. No governance process or gating mechanism controls which assets can be used in a pairing. For more information, visit: 

Ajna contact:

About is a platform for decentralized finance. It can be used to borrow stablecoins against users’ favorite cryptocurrencies, increase exposure against them using Multiply, or Earn a competitive yield. This can be done across multiple protocols and Layers — all in one place.’s mission is to provide the most trusted entry point to deploy capital into DeFi. The team is made of passionate thinkers and builders driven to create a better user experience for all while being able to maximize returns. For more information, visit: PR Contacts:

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