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Summary of the European Cup Winners’ Cup – Europa League

European Cup

Many football fans never miss a match, but a few find it difficult to tell which league the matches belong to. Among the arenas, there is one tournament that receives less attention, which is the Europa League. So what is C2 Cup? Let’s explore detailed information through the following article from Xoilac TV

Overview and details of the competition format of the C2 Cup

With a large scale and the participation of many teams, C2 Cup has introduced the entire format for the competition, specifically will be introduced here by Xoilac TV

General competition format

With its large scale and diverse participation from highly rated teams, the C2 Cup has built a special format to ensure competitiveness and attractiveness. Below are the main points about the competition format compiled by Xoilac TV experts:

Each country in Europe belonging to a federation will nominate 3 clubs to participate.

Teams ranked 52nd – 54th will only have 2 teams participating, while the federation ranked 55th and Liechtenstein will only have 1 team.

The selection of teams to participate in the group stage or non-championship qualifying round depends on their performance in the previous season.

Rounds: Qualifying round, group stage, round of 32 teams, round of 16 teams, quarter-finals, semi-finals, finals

Teams that do not participate in the C1 Cup qualifying round still have the opportunity to participate in the Europa League qualifying round in the championship bracket. At the same time, the 8 teams ranked 3rd in the Champions League group stage will go straight to the round of 32.

Additional competition format

From the 2018 – 2023 season, the Europa League has added a new competition format. National league champions eliminated in the Champions League qualifying round will participate in the Europa League. Notably, the 55 members of the Federation will be ranked based on the national coefficient, stipulating the number of participating teams as follows:

Members ranked from 52 to 54: 2 teams.

Members from 1 – 51: 3 teams (except Liechtenstein).

The 55 teams of member countries eliminated from the C1 Cup will participate in the C2 Cup instead of being eliminated in the third qualifying round or Play-off.

Conditions for participating in C2 Cup

Entry rules are similar to the Champions League, with each national tournament having a clearly defined number of entries. Each national tournament has 3 entries, as a general rule. But there will be special cases such as:

The tournament ranked from 52 to 53 has only 2 places to participate.

The 54th ranked tournament has only 1 entry.

In each tournament, the 2 teams ranked immediately below the positions of the teams participating in the Champions League will win 2 participation spots. The remaining spot will go to the national cup champion team. This creates competition and attraction, as teams need to achieve high results in the national tournament to have the opportunity to participate in the C2 Cup.

Conditions for participating in C2 Cup

Extremely interesting information at the C2 Cup

Here we will share interesting points only available during the season, that you may not know about Xoilac TV

Christian Kulik and Enrique Ribelles are the two players with the most appearances in the finals.

Jupp Heynckes leads the list of top scorers in C2 finals with 5 goals in 3 matches.

Jose Antonio Reyes is the person who has won the most championships with 5 crowns.

Dortmund striker Michael Rummenigge scored in the 2nd minute of the final, the fastest goal in the history of the match.

In a final, up to 3 players scored hat-tricks, including Vicente Guillot, Luis Pujol and Jupp Heynckes.

Since the finals switched to a single-match format, 11 finals have had to go to extra time.

In the 6 finals, after 120 minutes had been played without a winner, the cup was decided through a lucky penalty shootout.

Extremely interesting information at the C2 Cup


Through this article, we hope to give you a more comprehensive and in-depth overview of the C2 Cup tournament. If you are a soccer enthusiast and want to update news related to tournaments, as well as enjoy matches through betting, please visit Xoilac TV regularly to not miss out. Miss the latest soccer information.

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