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Summarize Your Slack Conversations Using This Smart AI Tool

Slack is one of the most widely-used communication tools across multiple workspaces in different industries. It’s straightforward, easy to use, and simplistic, making it every organization’s go-to platform for company updates, alignment, task distribution, and quick messaging for queries. Not only is it collaborative, but it’s also hyper-personal, allowing teams to add nuances and humanize messages. However, since it’s designed to add layers to regular conversations, it’s vulnerable to information overload – from irrelevant noises to off-topic discussions. This poses a great challenge for organizational communication: the abundance of data that overshadows information with real value.

Imagine this: an employee scours for a file sent by their supervisor through an avalanche of messages in a single thread – not only is it tedious, but it’s also time-consuming. Going through endless messages can sidetrack one’s workflow just to find a specific document. What’s more, other important and time-sensitive information could be swept under the rug after a series of chit-chats. This yields poor data verification, validation, and inefficient decision-making.

While the problem sounds trivial, it poses a great threat to workspace comms and the goal of staying in the know. And for the longest time, teams simply need to manually navigate this hurdle.

theist, an Israel-based startup that optimizes company data and information by leveraging generative AI, announces its newest cutting-edge workspace communication tool that aims to manage information overload to ease every employee’s burden of ransacking through a bucket load of data. “We want to announce the company with our first product and give people a glimpse of how easy and effective work data can be to consume when it’s short and personalized,” said Itay Dressler, Co-Founder, and CTO of theist.

Simplifying Complex Conversations

The idea behind theist is to provide employees with a personalized, simple, and straightforward summary of an entire Slack conversation with just one click. This enables employees to filter all the nuisances and simply focus on the valuable information that’s relevant to their objectives. 

theGist’s intelligent algorithm goes over a thread’s content and summarizes its key points to sync team members, promote productivity, eliminate unnecessary back-and-forths, and filter out all the background noise. In a nutshell, it gives employees the gist when they need it.

“The inception behind TheGist is to make information short, precise, interesting, and personalized,” says Nir Zohar, Co-Founder of TheGist. “We give employees the shortcut to the main intent behind the vast amount of information in the company by filtering unnecessary noise and redundant messaging that often get in the way. Make data-driven, not opinion-driven decisions. Eliminate the subjectivity of human reporting. You don’t have to look for information; information looks for you.”

TheGist will be available on Product Hunt by November 30, 2022. Moreover, their team of experts plans to expand across multiple communication channels to cater to more organizations in different sectors and industries. With its steadfast momentum and bulletproof solution, thesis positions itself as one of the integral startups set to revolutionize workspace communication in the digital world.

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