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Sugar Daddy Instead of Student Job: He Pays and You Fulfill His Wishes

Credit, job or student loans? We don’t need everything anymore. From now on we will let a sugar daddy finance our studies. He offers us luxury, we give him what he needs physically: sex.

Keeping The Sugar Daddy In Line

“Look sexy by wearing sexy clothes, smoky eye makeup, and wearing hot lingerie in the bedroom. You can act sexy by licking your lips, touching your sugar daddy just enough to turn him on, texting him sexy, or talking dirty on the phone.” That’s what Wikihow says is how you can have a sugar daddy hold on to the pole. Sugar daddies are a great way to have fun in life, gain experience and get some money that makes life easier and more exciting. In plain language, this means intimacy for money. 

Please don’t get emotional with your daddy, don’t project negativity, and laugh as much as possible. You know, sugar daddies love women who enjoy life. Ah yes.

Sugar babies are mostly female students –  according to SugarDaddySeek at an average age of 23 – who cannot pay their rent or tuition fees or simply want more luxury in their lives. And who would be better suited than a sugar daddy? He is often married, about 44 years old, professionally successful, with tons of money in his account, looking for an attractive woman who can give him what he lacks: sex.

An Ideal Relationship, According to Your Wishes 

‘A relationship on your terms is how the concept is advertised on the  website. Angela Jacob Bermudo, the spokeswoman for the platform, underscores this approach: People today are always looking for ways to make their lives easier, to shorten the distances. The technology makes exactly that possible: Clear agreements and arranged meetings save time and shorten the search for the ideal relationship. 

No sign of love. Agreement, ideal, time-saving are the words that stick in my mind. Apparently we are so far that we not only apply the idea of ​​efficiency to our work and everyday organization but even extend it to love. So we can make the thesis that after Lovoo, Tinder and Co. have reached a new level of agreed relationships, personal face-to-face contact is becoming even less and we set up all the rules in advance to get what we want and not to be disappointed. Call me traditional or naive, but that simply means that the traditional love relationship is increasingly being replaced by a purposeful relationship. True to the motto: You give me money and I will give you what you physically need. No problem whenever you want. as long as you pay 

What sounds inconceivable to me is the right approach for many: the platform, founded in 2006, is active in over 139 countries. It has over five million active users, including around four million sugar babies and one million sugar daddies, or sugar mommy. 

And not just in America: In Germany, around 263 sugar mommies, 7,300 sugar daddies, and 17,000 female and 4,000 male sugar babies are registered on  Around 97,500 of the 130,000 users on sugardaddyseek platform are German.

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Men Give, Women Get

Unfortunately, my requests for a sugar baby came to nothing – the majority want to avoid their lifestyle becoming public. During my research, I came across a Tumblr blog by a self-proclaimed ‘spoilt Russian beauty’ about her life as a sugar baby. I’m sitting in front of the screen and I can’t believe it. Her pink-overloaded wish list is adorned with pictures of diamond rings, fur coats and expensive luxury hotels. ,Sweetheart… men give, women receive. It’s biological destiny’, says their header. In her news forum, newcomers ask her for advice. Would 1,200 to 1,500 euros a month be appropriate? 

“Well this range is OKAY for a newbie if it covers all of your expenses and if YOU are feeling happy with it. However, I tell every girl to reach for the stars and dream big.”

For them, the matter is a clear agreement: 

“He either has the money that the both of you agreed upon or he can go home and try to find another girl that he can play his salty games with. I am very radical when it comes to this.”

I wonder if this isn’t all a joke and just a parody of the sugar daddy phenomenon, which is particularly widespread in America. But apparently it isn’t. I’m shocked – shocked about the values ​​that count today, that money seems to be the most important thing of all things, that bling bling and chic must be part of student life. 

Is That the Woman of Today? 

On the one hand, there are increasing demands that are becoming the traditional ideas of a relationship overboard. On the other hand, it is the willingness to give up one’s own freedom – just for a little more glitter in life – completely contrary to the idea of ​​a modern woman and for the traditional gender roles, which we actually wanted to count as a thing of the past for a long time. Bermudo by seeking arrangements weakens my impression:   

“Not at all. Arrangements empower women much more in the relationship. You have the opportunity to resist the demands and honestly state your own desires for your successful partner. Men are allowed to do it, so why shouldn’t women do it?”

Bermudo goes on to say: A woman who lets her partner pay for dinner or buy presents does not reverse the development of the image of women. This is exactly what happens in traditional relationships and marriages, only it is more pronounced in arrangements because the partner has significantly more financial resources. 

Bermudo is right somewhere: it is a mutual agreement between the parties involved. If they want money, let them do it. If they feel the need for a daddy, let them do it. If the daddies aren’t happy with their marriage and need a sugar baby to meet their needs, let them do it. But, dammit, why? Why pay money or give up your body just to get what you want? Shouldn’t this principle also apply in a ‘normal’ relationship – without any money and only with honesty and love? 

Traditional Gender Roles 

According to the website, a relationship between sugar daddy and sugar baby is primarily based on traditional gender roles. The man’s task is to give the woman full attention and to sweeten her life with gifts. The woman, on the other hand, should focus on being a woman and pampering the man she is with. 

It’s really hard for me to allow myself to judge. On the one hand, my stomach turns threefold when I read sentences like “Women should focus on being women” or “You can act sexy by licking your lips”. Just no. Bermudo can’t tell me that’s how the woman of today should be. Be sexy, look good and get paid for it. And the prettier you are and the happier your sugar daddy is, the more you get out of it. All purely superficial.

On the other hand, it’s an agreement between two parties who give each other what they want. In America, the money and the immense sums of tuition fees may be reason enough to dive into the ‘sugar bowl’. But in Germany, I have no clue. The tuition fees and rent are not easy to come by with the help of a part-time job, student loans or student loans, but they are doable. 


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