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Sufi Gallery’s ‘Intersect 01’: A Groundbreaking Venture into the Intersection of Art and Design

Tehran, Iran – Embracing the unity of art and design, Sufi Gallery, a trailblazing art institution founded by Siavash Sufi Nejad, unveiled its pioneering exhibition, “Intersect 01”. Renowned for curating distinctive showcases of modern and contemporary Iranian art, Sufi Gallery has once again outdone itself under the meticulous orchestration of Art Director, Sama Ashrafi.

“Intersect 01” presented a grand collection of masterpieces from revered Iranian artists, including Bahman Mohasess, Jazeh Tabatabaie, Parviz Tanavoli, and many more. These works, striking in their similarity to the masterpieces presented at international auction houses such as Sotheby’s, Bonhams, and Christie’s, captured the audience’s imagination. The exhibition thus resonated with the aura of a masterful auction event, right in the heart of Tehran.

But what truly set “Intersect 01” apart was the harmonious blending of traditional fine art with modern, limited edition designer furniture. Displaying pieces from prominent architects and product designers such as Kamran Afshar Naderi and Soheil Rad, the exhibition urged traditional art enthusiasts to appreciate functional design as an equivalent form of artistic expression. This ingenious amalgamation formed a new perspective on the valuation and appreciation of art, pushing the boundaries of creativity and interpretation.

Guided by Mr. Siavash Sufi Nejad’s visionary thinking, Sufi Gallery positioned “Intersect 01” as a platform for multidisciplinary artists to present their creations side by side. This bold move aimed to redefine the boundaries of modern art, extending its reach to a more diverse audience. The underlying ethos at Sufi Gallery upholds the belief that art is not confined to canvases or sculptures but exists in everyday objects and lifestyle choices, asserting its presence in all facets of life.

The Sufi Gallery’s manifesto presents both a work of art and a practical design as expressions of wisdom, thoughts, lived experiences, and the creator’s passion. By valuing a design piece as much as a fine art piece, the gallery has successfully blended the worlds of utility and creativity.

The “Intersect 01” exhibition adopted a novel storytelling approach, favoring emotional resonance and narrative depth over mere aesthetic qualities. This method aimed to infuse each work with the “spirit of the times”, reflecting the nuances of the modern world and the lived experiences of people. It intended to make art approachable and relatable, appealing to the audience’s everyday sensibilities.

Emphasizing art’s presence in daily life, the Sufi Gallery set the stage for artists and audiences to appreciate and engage with art beyond traditional settings. From walls and floors to furniture and flower vases, art has now permeated all aspects of contemporary living.

In the wake of the success of “Intersect 01”, the Sufi Gallery is already looking to the future. “Intersect 02” is already in the planning stages, promising another captivating exploration of art and design. With its unwavering commitment to challenging the norms of creative expression, the Sufi Gallery continues to redefine the boundaries of art, pushing it into new, uncharted territories. The next exhibition is poised to further establish the gallery as a revolutionary player in the realm of art and design, blending creativity and functionality in ways never seen before.

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