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Successfully Implementing AI Into Your Business Operations

The average number of artificial intelligence applications used in businesses has skyrocketed. In 2018  there were only 2 uses of AI on average, but that number doubled by 2021. As the technology of artificial intelligence continues to improve, it is predicted that the number of AI capabilities will double yet again in the coming years. So how are businesses utilizing AI for their daily operations, and why has it become so popular?

Artificial intelligence is an umbrella term that is used to describe a machine or computer that has the ability to learn from previous experience. Through human programming, these systems can learn to understand and respond to written prompts, math problems, and images. AI has become useful in our daily lives, from helping us drive, to filtering what we see on our social media apps, and even helping with school or work reports. 

There are many different types of artificial intelligence, and determining which system will work best for your business is critical in obtaining the most efficient processes. Machine learning is one of the most easily recognizable forms of artificial intelligence. These systems are what we see in social media helping to create algorithms to show us the content we want to see as well as applying interactive filters. 

A more complex form of artificial intelligence is expert systems. These systems are not self-aware, but can be so precise and accurate that they mimic expert huam decision making. These systems can be especially helpful in the medical industry, as they have been used to assist doctors in reading medical scans and determining the location and severity of certain cancers. 

With the amount of different artificial intelligence systems that are readily available on the market, businesses in all industries can beenfit from implementing AI. The most common uses of artificial intelligence in businesses currently include computer vision, natural language text understanding, and automating processes through robotics. These are just the current common uses of artificial intelligence, but with technology constantly improving, there is no telling how these systems will benefit business operations in the future. 

If you are looking to implement artificial intelligence into your business, it is important to choose the system that will be right for you. The first step in this process is first understanding what you need to accomplish with AI. Are you looking to better your marketing strategies? A generative AI system that focuses on marketing and consumer patterns may be the best fit for you. Are you looking to gain a deeper understanding of your data and results? A natural language processing system may work better than a computer vision system. By defining what you are looking to accomplish, you can ensure that the system you implement is assisting your team in the best fit. 

Businesses are always looking for new ways to operate more efficiently, and AI has proven to be a useful tool in accomplishing that task. From improving data quality, creating quicker processes, and improving document and data understanding for your teams, the uses of artificial intelligence are endless. Learn more about how to find the best AI system for your business through intelligent document processing in the infographic below:

Intelligent Document Processing and AI

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