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Successful Teenage Investor Shares Financial Secrets for Teens 

Successful Teenage Investor

15-year-old investor Finley Lewis grew $300 to over $5,000 over just 3 years and then wrote a book to help teenagers grow their wealth. He combined the valuable lessons that he learned growing up in a financially conscious household and his experience as a skilled investor to publish what is essentially a rulebook for teens. With this rulebook, people who are just starting out in life can build a robust financial foundation for their future.  

As the Amazon reviews have proven, “9 Rules to Dominate Your Money and Learn What 67% of Adults Don’t Know” is a treasure trove of information for teenagers and young adults alike. Filled with important lessons that the education system fails to teach young people, this financial guide is designed to help them to get a head start on achieving financial growth. 

At its core, Lewis’ rulebook highlights the critical points of his own transformative journey, as well as the power of knowledge, time, and strategic decision-making. In this book, readers are introduced to the fundamental rules that are the building blocks to a life of financial success. From strategies for saving to insights into investing, this book demystifies the usually complex world of money for its readers. 

“9 Rules to Dominate Your Money” serves as a roadmap for those at the beginning of their financial journey. Whether you’re a teenager just starting to explore financial independence or a young adult aiming to strengthen your financial standing, this book provides a solid foundation that you can build upon. By following the principles of a successful investor, readers can embark on their own journeys to financial independence and wealth with confidence. 

What makes “9 Rules to Dominate Your Money” so unique?

“9 Rules to Dominate Your Money” stands out as a truly unique financial guide and has taken the world of finance by storm for several reasons:

1) Unique teen perspective

Unlike traditional financial guides written by adults who have studied the world of money for decades, this guide is authored by a 15-year-old. Lewis speaks directly to his fellow teenagers in a way that they can relate to. In addition to the relatable and engaging tone that Lewis injects into usually complex financial concepts, he busts the myth that financial success is only achievable later in life. Lewis is walking proof that you can start building wealth successfully as early as you want to. 

2) Proven success story

Lewis’ personal success story adds weight to the principles he outlines in this book. His remarkable achievement of transforming a mere $300 into over $5,000 in just 3 years proves that the strategies he shares have practical applications in the real world. 

3) Closes gaps in the education system

This book specifically addresses the glaring lack of financial literacy tools in the modern education system. “9 Rules to Dominate Your Money” empowers young minds by equipping them with crucial skills that are often overlooked by educational institutions. With this guidebook, young people can take control of their financial future early enough to build a meaningful one. 

4) Youth-centric perspective

This book is the first financial guide written for teens by a teen, using language and examples that they can connect with. This approach ensures that young readers can get something meaningful out of the book and implement the advice offered. 

5) Comprehensive financial wisdom

Lewis writes this book from the perspective of someone who was brought up in a financially conscious family and someone who has practiced these skills in the real world. His unique experience has given him the bandwidth to speak about a wide range of topics, from saving and investing to how to use the gift of time to build compound interest. Thanks to this comprehensive overview of essential financial principles, readers can gain a holistic understanding of money management. As such, the book truly sets them up for long-term success. 

6) Practical advice

Each of Lewis’ 9 rules is accompanied by practical steps that anyone can follow. This hands-on approach helps readers to see how they can apply these concepts in their day-to-day lives, empowering them to start implementing them immediately. The book helps readers to learn through doing, ensuring that these concepts stick with them for life. 

By arming them with the tools needed to make sound financial decisions, this book equips teenagers with the confidence and skills needed to navigate the complexities of financial growth.

“9 Rules to Dominate Your Money” is available for purchase on Amazon, where it has achieved best-seller status with a 4.9 rating. In addition to the original English version, there are French, Spanish, and German translations, as well as an Italian version.

Finley is also working on a second book about investing, with plans to release it on December 7 this year.

About the author

High school freshman Finley Lewis is a self-taught day trader. He writes about financial literacy for teens, aiming to fill the gap the education system leaves in preparing young people for success in later life. Finley has been an investor for three years, beginning his journey at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

 He has always been passionate about money and had the importance of managing and spending it wisely instilled in him at a young age. The more he learned, the more he noticed the shocking absence of financial literacy teaching in school, and he became determined to share his knowledge to help other teenagers. Wise beyond his years, Finley recognizes that the key to building wealth is time, and he’s dedicated to making sure young people have the knowledge they need early enough to get a head start. 

Finley is a straight-A student and spends half an hour a day watching Spanish TV in order to learn the language. He volunteers in the community and loves baking (just ask his friends about his chocolate chip cookies!).

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