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Succeeding in a Managerial Role

Managerial Role

When you are a manager, many of the responsibilities for tasks will fall upon you to complete, or delegate to the rest of your team. At the same time, you need to keep your availability open to incorporate official meetings, as well as discussions with your team around areas that they find challenging, whilst also providing feedback where necessary. 

Finding ways to increase your productivity and success can allow you more time for these essential meetings, as well as to take away the headache that occurs from too high of a workload.

Organised Digital Assets

Being able to efficiently find and use your digital assets within your communications and other tasks is vital to keep up the momentum of your workflow. Using this website to access Digital Asset Management tools can really speed up your processes, ensuring you never lose an important file again. As well as this, allowing yourself the means to store, access, share, and view your images, without needing to spend time sending them to your team or waiting for them to be sent to you, is a useful tool to have. In addition to this, a system which will allow you to search for specific images via their meta-data and other keywords, as opposed to remembering a potentially complex file name, will again cut down on wasted time. 


While you may be the person in charge, you still need to be able to effectively work in a team. Getting to know a bit about those who work with you can really benefit you. This allows you to learn what each team member’s strengths are, which can then be utilised when handing out tasks. At the same time, being a good manager also means delegating fairly, so that particularly gruelling tasks are not always handed to the same individual. Including yourself in the rotation of unfavourable tasks can help to show your team that you are not using your authority to get out of doing certain tasks, and may even help create a good working relationship between you all. 


Another part of finding success as a manager can include holding yourself and your team accountable for their work. Rather than this involving blame, true accountability means a person taking responsibility for their commitments and work. This can help to reduce workplace anxiety, and also allow you to find areas of improvement that could potentially be included in the next set of training that each individual takes. This may also involve looking into your own weaknesses and where you have fallen short, so you can lead by example and try to improve your performance and skills. 

Looking into ways to improve the time your tasks take, as well as how to improve your team themselves, are several ways to help you shine in a managerial position. Generally, there will always be areas that can be made better. By allowing yourself to look for these areas, you can keep working towards having a more efficient, happier workforce. 

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