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Su-vastika Solar received a patent for its IoT Based System & Method for multiple battery selection

Su-vastika Solar has been granted a patent for its IoT Based System and Method for Multiple Battery Selection.

Su-vastika creates energy storage for a sustainable future. The startup, run by Khushboo Sachdev, aims to disrupt the solar energy and backup industries. As one of the fastest growing companies for power storage and power solutions, they are excited and happy to announce that the Government of India has granted them a patent for IoT Based systems and methods for Multiple Battery Selection. Entering into the EV charging space, using the technology developed with isolation transformers, Su-Vastika Su-vastika has developed an EV charger for cars.

Every battery has a charge profile stored on the server, and anytime there is a change in the battery technology, the profile may be modified to reflect the new specifications. These changes are likely to continue for these chargers since many technological advancements are taking place, and every day new patents are being filed on how to charge a particular battery. As a result, old-fashioned chargers will be improved, and newer chargers will take their place. 

This new technique was developed by Su-vastika in order to tackle this difficult problem. It works by programming the microcontroller of each charger using a centralized system connected to the internet of things (IoT).

The IoT-based system is designed so that the server has the charging profile of every type of battery, and any new battery charge profile can be added if the battery manufacturer provides it. This new battery charge profile can then be programmed through the IoT into the microprocessor of EV chargers, solar charge controllers, inverters, and UPSes, among other devices. Not only this, but every manufacturer of electric vehicles, solar charge controllers, inverters, and UPS systems is always improving the charge profiles they use in accordance with the R&D they are conducting. Therefore, the next-gen technologies have the potential to be improved through the use of IoT-based EV chargers, solar charge controllers, inverters, UPS systems, etc. IoT will likely be included in most of these gadgets in the near future.

Speaking to the media, the Managing Director of the company, Ms. Khushboo Sachdev, said, “We believe that the future of energy storage solutions is in customization. Hence, we deliver highly customized power solutions for a variety of niches. We are developing 3-phase solar-based power backup solutions for petrol pumps and gas stations that can run the complete station. We are working towards expanding our capabilities and reaching new heights and providing a solution to all your power storage problems. “

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About  Su-vastika Systems Pvt Ltd

Su-vastika is a rapidly expanding startup that develops resilient energy storage technology for a more sustainable future. With an outstanding team of professionals from numerous fields, led by Khushboo Sachdev, the company aspires to disrupt and alter the solar energy and backup environment. As a power storage and power generation company, they create products that help solve power storage issues. The company’s products include a solar inverter that can handle both off-grid and on-grid solar energy. In addition, they provide three-phase heavy-duty inverter/ups systems, single-phase high capacity inverter/ups systems, hybrid off-grid Solar Inverter/UPS, PCU storage solutions, solar panels, online UPS, and residential UPS. The company’s solar power storage solutions can now fulfill the energy requirements of households, businesses, and even larger organizations. They have a strong presence in international regions such as Africa, the Middle East, and South-East Asia. To capture worldwide markets, their objective is to create more advanced technologies and make progressive adaptations. Su-vastika has developed an EV charger for cars. The technology has been developed with isolation transformers. 


Company Name: Su-vastika Systems Pvt Ltd

Contact Person : Khushboo Sachdev

Email :

City : Gurgaon

State : Haryana

Country : India

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