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Styling Tips for Men with Skin Hair Systems

With or without a thin skin hair system, no one wakes up in the morning with their hair perfectly styled, ready to walk out the front door. Wigs for men require just as much styling as naturally growing human hair. Who doesn’t like playing around with a new “do” now and then? 

Just because you wear a wig doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself a fresh look. But, before you get styled, there are a few things to remember to avoid damaging your precious hair replacement.

First things first, it’s important to decipher whether your hair system is made of synthetic or human hair. That is because some human hair products can damage synthetic materials and vice versa. So, it’s certainly something to avoid brushing over! 

Without further ado, here are some top styling tips for men’s skin hair systems to make every day a good hair day! 

The Ultimate Men’s Hairpiece Styling Tool Kit

With the right tools, styling your male hair system will be easy.

Let’s begin by using a brush! Although it might seem obvious, you’d be surprised how many people get by without it. The Remy Soft Boar Bristle Brush is the best. The brush, which has boar and synthetic nylon bristles, not only detangles hair but also significantly reduces frizz and enhances texture.

It is mainly because boar bristles naturally contain sebum, the scalp’s oil. Evenly distributing it throughout the hair with a brush acts as a natural conditioner and gives even dry hair a lustrous shine.

Do you prefer to use a comb? If you’re not using a tool that’s friendly to hair systems, combing can damage the base of the hairpiece. Each tooth on the Hair Doctor Comb can move freely, as it was made to replace hair without surgery. In this manner, the comb moves with your hair rather than against it to quickly remove snarls and tangles without yanking and harming the structure of your hair.

Heated Styling Tools

For synthetic hair replacements, heated styling tools are an absolute no-no because they harm and even melt the hair strands! The best way to style synthetic hair systems for men is to wet-set curls or straighten hair with lukewarm water.

Human hairpieces can be styled with straighteners, curlers, and hair dryers, but we advise using medium heat to avoid overdrying the hair. If you wear a thin skin hair system or a lace hair system, take extra precautions because these systems are more likely to break.

Keep it Fresh with Styling Products.

Use styling products to keep your hair neatly styled and firmly in place. Remember that most products are made specifically for each type of hair, so ensure you are getting the right one every time!

Although human hair systems don’t moisturize or regenerate like your own, you can still use standard hair products like gels and sprays. Remember to wash it afterward and follow regular wig maintenance and care procedures.

However, it’s always preferable to use products specifically designed for human hair system stylings and are alcohol-free, like the Aquatrol Finishing Spray or the Artistique Styling Gel Spray. These products achieve the same fixing effect while avoiding unneeded dryness and damage.

When it comes to synthetic hair, exercise caution; synthetic fibers can quickly degrade when exposed to hairsprays and gels designed for human hair. Therefore, when it comes to styling, we advise lightly misting the hair with water from a spray bottle before using a wig brush or your hands to shape it. 

Fortunately, synthetic hair systems hold their shape much better than human hair systems, especially in hot and humid climates!

Experiment with Coloring your Hair System for Men

One of these probably never occurred to you! Why not try highlights or a completely different color if you’re tired of your current hair color? You can either do this or, if you’re a professional stylist, you can do this in addition to your regular styling routine. Both synthetic and human hair systems for men can be colored, but coloring a human hair hairpiece will yield much better results.

It’s important to remember that artificial hair can only be lightened, not darkened. Therefore, starting with a lighter color is best if you want to dye your hair in the future. Using fabric or cream color dye is the best way to dye synthetic hair at home.

Since natural human hair can be dyed using the same method as your own, dyeing human hair is much simpler. Your skin hairpiece won’t repair any broken hair or add moisture with sebum, unlike natural hair. Limit the amount of dyeing and heat styling you do to keep your skin hair system clean, healthy, and looking silky and soft. You should also always wash your hair replacement after dyeing it.

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