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StylikeRewards User For Taking Photos Like YouTube

YouTube introduced the concept of rewarding its users for their creative content. However, to earn money from YouTube you have to get hundreds of thousands of views on your videos. In simple terms, you have to be famous to make money. Unfortunately, it takes months and most of the time years to get millions of views on a single video. So, is there any alternative?

Why spend countless hours on making your content when you are unsure if it’s going to be viral or not? Imagine earning money by just taking pictures.

Fashion TV has launched a web 3.0 application Stylike that rewards users for daily style. Unlike YouTube, users are required to take daily pictures and complete tasks that take only a few minutes. You can easily make up to $96 daily by just taking pictures. Importantly, unlike YouTube, you do not have to wait for a month to get your cash out. You can do it instantly from the Stylike app.

Stylike is backed by FTVIO &Fashion TV to combine technology with Fashion to create a platform where you only need to take pictures and earn. Stylike is unique and has done what no other platform has ever done in a short period.

The project has been made with the idea of rewarding people who put effort into their style and appreciate fashion. Technology has changed the lives of people and now it is enhancing the sense of style in the form of a web 3 application.

There are many other social media platforms where users take pictures and upload them daily such as Instagram and Facebook. These platforms offer no revenue, whereas, Stylike offers rewards daily. The rewards are paid in the form of STL tokens that can be cashed out instantly into real money. Hence, instead of wasting time on social media websites, download Stylike and make money with your style. It is the first play to earn platform that rewards instantly.

The purpose of launching Stylike is to reward talented people who are smart and want to try the daily style and make quick money. Stylike is cooperating with major brands and designers across the world to join the platform and become a contributor. Instead of wasting precious time on YouTube and Instagram, use Stylike and complete your tasks to start earning instantly. The revenue model is based on external contributors that make Stylike better than other platforms. 


How to Get Started on Stylike?

To get started, download the Stylike app, purchase your favorite NFT camera from the NFT marketplace, complete daily tasks, and start making money.

How much can I make daily with Stylike?

With Stylike you can make $4 to $96 daily by just taking photos. Your income depends on the type of camera you have and the completion of tasks.

Is Stylike Legit?

Stylike is completely legit and the whitepaper is available on the website. STYL token is already listed on many notable exchanges such as coinmarketcap, coingecko, and

How can I buy STYL tokens?

STYL tokens can be purchased from the stylike website and app. Transfer BNB into your app wallet and swap instantly. 

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