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Style your hair the way you want with Luvmehair wigs


Most wigs may meet your basic styling requirements with other stuff like comfort and usage ease. However, going for something different is necessary if you want to step up your hairstyling game. 

While you cannot do a lot with your regular wigs, some wigs allow you to try different personalization options to try not only different hairstyles but also different customizations with your wig.

Top 3 wigs that don’t come with any restrictions when it comes to styling

We have shortlisted the top 3 types of wigs that do not bring any restrictions to styling and customization, and here you will learn all the important details about them.

Closure Lace Wigs

Closure lace wigs usually come with 5 square-inch or 4 square-inch sections of lace, which is why these wigs give you good control over how you will be styling your hair. While these wigs offer amazing control over your hairstyle, there are some other benefits that you will enjoy with these as well, including the following:

  • Freedom of setting your partition

The first thing that you’d love about closure lace wigs is that you have the freedom to set your partition. Most wigs have a free partition section that you can not change; otherwise, the wig won’t look good. That’s not the case with the closure lace wigs. The large lace section present under the partition section helps you try the following:

  • Side partition
  • Mid partition
  • Your natural partition

So, you always have the choice to try the partition you like without ever needing to switch between different wigs.

  • Comfort and convenience are better than most wigs out there.

The level of comfort you get with closure lace wigs is amazing, mainly because of the premium lace with the glueless application of these wigs. These wigs are also good for convenience, as there are no special maintenance requirements. 

You don’t need to waste a lot of time, and these are good to go with regular maintenance. All that without needing any professional product or service for your closure lace wigs.

  • Easy to achieve natural looks regardless of the style you put on

Achieving natural looks is important when trying different styles with a wig. With the closure lace wigs, it gets even better because of the control on the partition. You only need to choose the right one with specifications according to your requirements. 

Such a wig will always provide a natural look to you. Using 100% original human hair is also a huge reason for the natural looks.

613 Wigs

Taking your customizations to the next level, 613 wigs offer an experience that no other wig offers. The name of these wigs is unique, and it comes from the hair color, which is blonde. While these wigs are blonde in color, they are also made with original hair from humans to keep these wigs perfect for you. 

So, you have the option to try blonde hairstyles with these wigs, and you can also try some customizations with the following features:

  • You will be amazed by the level of customization options here.

The first feature of 613 wigs is that you can enjoy a lot of customization. We are not talking about regular customizations here, but these wigs offer more in-depth customization options. First, you get to try dyeing these wigs in different hair colors. Secondly, you can cut the wig’s hair to get your desired hairstyle and take professional assistance if needed.

  • Instant styling experience without any risks

The 613 wigs offer you an instant styling experience without any risks involved. Trying different hair dyes on your original hair means that you are taking the risk of damaging them. Similarly, if you don’t like the color, you may not be able to undo it safely on your natural hair. 

However, there are no strings attached to the 613 wigs. You get an instant color-changing experience without any risks to your original looks.

  • 613 wigs come with varying specifications for a better selection experience

613 wigs are not all about the styling options you can try here. You have the option to look for different specifications to find the right wig for yourself. These wigs are available with varying specifications, including lengths, cuts, textures, volumes, bangs, etc. So, you can always find a wig that fits all your requirements perfectly for the best styling experience.

Curly Human Hair Wigs

The last option here is the curly human hair wigs because these come with different levels of curls that you can try. Whether you have natural wavy, straight, or curly hair, you can try these wigs on, and you will surely look amazing with the wide range of options. Curly human hair wigs offer many technical and aesthetic features like the following.

  • Protection for your natural hair

The first benefit of customizing your hairstyle with curly human hair wigs is that these offer protection for your natural hair. Curling your original hair is possible, but using heat and products on your hair repeatedly will result in damaged natural hair, which you must avoid at all costs. So, trying curly human hair wigs will prevent such things from happening.

  • Natural looks with long-lasting results

The curly human hair wigs use natural human hair, where curls come as natural characteristics. So, when you style with these wigs, you will get the most natural looks. The best part is that these curls are long-lasting because they are not put in the hair artificially.

  • A little research can get you the perfect wig for yourself.

Curly human hair wigs come in a wide variety, including textures, cuts, lengths, and other features. So, you have different options, and you need to do a little research to find the best one for yourself to meet all your customization requirements.

Final Remarks:

Whenever you are looking for a wig that offers customizations, you need to consider it providing other features as well. It is because you don’t want a wig that looks good but feels like torture to your scalp. Selecting one of the wig types discussed above will keep you away from all issues while offering the best experience and styling range.


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