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Style Guide On How To Style Your Prada Shirts With Denim

Shirts are every man’s wardrobe staple because of their versatility. Opting for a crisp Prada shirt will make people go bonkers on your look. However, don’t get overly enthusiastic though, you cannot simply put on any shirt and some trousers and resemble Brad Pitt! An Improper combination can surely make you seem out of character and bizarre. You need to comprehend a few styling ideas about the fit, look, and everything else in order to perfect the shirt and jeans combination. Men who nail this combination instantly distinguish themselves from the others. Nothing is more alluring to a lady than a man in a smart Prada shirt flaunting his masculinity and a finely crafted timepiece. Basic tips and techniques are all that you need to master this combination and that is what we’re going to talk about in this article. 

How To Choose The Jeans Types 

Not every type of jeans will look nice with dress shirts because various shapes, colors, and fits are available and bad-fitting jeans can ruin your whole look. Now you must be wondering how the jeans should fit. Straight-cut jeans are the perfect pick as a classic silhouette can be achieved with straight-cut jeans. You are sure to get the perfect fit when matched with Prada shirts as they aren’t very baggy or very skinny. Always avoid ripped jeans. 


Be aware of the overall silhouette of Prada shirts when wearing one with straight-fit jeans. Most shirts provide a crisp appearance to match that of a perfectly tailored suit unless you’re choosing an oversized style. Bridging the gap between official and informal fashion is the entire idea of wearing denim with a Prada shirt. The goal is to appear put together and professional without wearing formal trousers or a tuxedo. 

Men’s fashion issues with ripped jeans are numerous. To be specific, they drastically contrast a dress shirt’s elegance, they seem very urban, and tailoring and streetwear don’t go together. Also ripped jeans don’t look good on any gentleman’s attire. Choose a pair of simple, straight-leg, dark-colored jeans. Just a uniform hue with a timeless silhouette—no rips, no distortion.

How To Choose The Shirt Types 

Things get simpler when deciding which shirt to wear with your jeans. In conclusion, most shirts will complement jeans when they are properly dressed. The only exclusions are shirts that feature: french sleeves, pleated wingtip collars, and a tuxedo-specific front panel. These characteristics suggest a shirt should only be worn during any formal setting. You’ll come off as a man who doesn’t grasp the fundamentals of men’s fashion if you wear them with jeans. 

Keep your shirts’ color selection in accordance with the menswear standards: Any color of jeans may be paired with a crisp white Prada shirt, wear light blue with navy or mid-blue denim, dark and light blue jeans both look good with light pink Prada shirts and a checkered or striped patterns: Evaluate based on the above colors. 


Let’s Build An Outfit Together

Smart Casual

A traditional pairing for every smart-casual ensemble is a dress shirt and a pair of well-fitted jeans. To make this outfit more intricate and intriguing, you may also add more clothing pieces to it. By adding knitwear, overcoats, and undershirts to your ensemble, you can elevate it to the level of absolutely great smart-casual dressing. Below are a few ways to style your Prada shirts more effortlessly:


A knitwear may give an otherwise simple outfit some trendy flair when worn layered well over your Prada shirts. For a timeless winter look, team a shirt and trousers with knitwear, combat boots, and gloves. If you are opting for a cardigan, be mindful that your cardigan should be buttoned up when you’re moving and unbuttoned when you’re sitting. 

Overcoat Or Jacket

The greatest approach to add more sophistication to your Prada shirts and jeans ensemble without changing into a tuxedo is with a jacket or overcoat. For people attending semi-formal gatherings like family get-togethers, dinner parties, or corporate BBQs, a jacket or overcoat is the perfect choice to pick. A pocket square may increase the formality of an outfit, much like a tuxedo might.

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t suggest putting on a tie when carrying jeans and a Prada shirt. The solemnity of a tie differs from that of the majority of denim.


On the other end of the formality spectrum, undershirts are a fantastic way to dress down a dress shirt and jeans ensemble. When wearing an undershirt, you may easily unbutton your Prada shirt to project a much more relaxed image. Combine with denim and clean, white shoes for a timeless look for the family barbecue. 

Tucked Or Untucked

Your possibilities for tucking your Prada shirts depend on the function and the degree of formality of your attire. 

Is it a “dress down” day at work and you’re sporting your denim and your Prada shirts?  Then after, you must put on a dressy pair of shoes and tuck your shirt in. 

Are you participating in weekend activities with your children while wearing your denim and dress shirt ensemble? Wear sneakers and untuck your shirt. Roll up your sleeves. Functionality should take priority over formality in this case.

The conditions in which it is suitable to tuck your Prada shirts into your denim are listed below:

  • When carrying a suit or sports jacket.
  • During a business event.
  • If you’re in a fancy restaurant or other prominent venue.

What Footwear Should You Choose?

The answer is based on how formal your dress-up is. There are 3 styles of shoes that go well with denim, in brief: sneakers, leather boots, and formal shoes. Each footwear teams well with different kinds of looks. Sneakers go well with casual outfits, leather boots go well with semi-formal outfits, and formal shoes as the name suggests are the perfect options for formal events.


That’s it, gentlemen. In 2023, a dress shirt and denim attire will be simple to achieve. You can’t go wrong as long as you follow the fundamental principles of menswear fashion and pay attention to fit, materials, and function.

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