Student Apartment: Selection Criteria

Student Apartment Selection

For a student, finding accommodation is a difficult step. Needless to say, this is no mean feat, especially on a tight budget. Those who have a weakness for apartments should not commit to the first offer that comes, although its price is affordable. It’s rather tempting, of course, apart from the fact that you risk paying more in the end. To avoid facing this kind of surprise, it is necessary to consider some aspects. During a visit, it is indeed essential to consider and not neglect the following points.

Geographical Location

The geographical location of the accommodation is the first criterion of choice. The student must learn about the neighborhood and its surroundings. A location not far from transport stations is ideal if you need to take the metro, tram, or bus to get to the university. The apartment should be within walking distance of a terminal or bus stop. Also, the time of the journey, the means of transport, and the passage schedules must be studied. Local shops and services are also details to consider: store, pharmacy, post office, restaurant, cash machine, etc.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than an hour’s walk to get groceries after school. The worst would be to have to do it in the middle of December. Moreover, a student would not be at all pleased by having to endure forty minutes on the metro before being able to find a pharmacy, hence the interest in a strategic location for a student apartment. Otherwise, it will also depend on its means of transport. Should we walk, use a bicycle or a car to get to class? There will be a big difference in travel time. Finally, it is wiser to choose a quiet area for less disturbance, especially at night.

The Building in Question

If a student prefers to live in an apartment, he will have to consider the apartment’s security. How housing and its tenants are protected will be critical. For example, in a building where most of the residents are academics, the neighborhood will likely make noise by throwing parties from time to time. If you can’t stand the bustle, there’s no point in choosing such an apartment. On the contrary, those who like to receive guests should not live in a building where several families reside.

During the visit, it is also essential to make an inventory. Are the intercom and lighting in common areas functioning normally? Are the garage and cellar in good condition  ? Do not be fooled by the beautiful promises or advertisements of real estate agencies and owners. If work is planned, it must be the subject of written proof. Vigilance is necessary on this point, especially when talking about student accommodation.

Student Apartment

Energy and Loads

The energy consumption of an apartment should be checked. It is then necessary to focus on the type of energy used and the age of the heating appliances, particularly radiators. If most accommodations are assimilated into categories A, B, and C, they can be very greedy. The presence of old electric heaters certainly does not correspond to an A grade. It is essential to inquire with the owner by asking him for confirmation of the reality. Or, we can refer to the former tenant’s energy bills.

In all, it is necessary to learn about the costs of all charges and learn about what they include. For example, we will avoid paying more than twenty euros per month to clean the common areas when they are dirty. Also, it will be necessary to question the person in charge if hot water is included in the charges. In this sense, the balloon’s size must be considered to avoid having no more hot water after a shower.

Security and Insulation

Security is one of the important criteria when choosing a student apartment. Are the doors and windows properly secured? Do they close properly? You must ask yourself all the necessary questions to be reassured. In this sense, it would be better to settle in a neighborhood where the crime rate is not high. The student must check for the presence of an alarm in the event of a break-in. Regarding insulation, it is preferable to stay between two apartments. Thus, it is easier to benefit from the heat of both in winter.

Any questions about insulation are also good to ask. Is there a risk of being cold in winter and hot in summer? Are the windows single or double-glazed? Are they susceptible to drafts? It is necessary to consider the ground’s state and the walls’ thickness so as not to ruin oneself in terms of heating during periods of extreme cold. These details are essential and have a real impact on the following criterion.

The Total Price

Before undertaking a visit to student accommodation, it would be better to know the total price of the rental. Real estate agencies and landlords only display the rental price, while the future tenant must inquire about the costs the whole should incur. Indeed, we must not forget to calculate the charges, the energy expenses, and all the elements that can generate costs. For example, we can talk about the internet connection. That is, there could be a difference of up to 150 dollars compared to the value presented in the ad. Therefore, it is necessary to know the total price of the accommodation considering the charges, hot water, Internet, garage rent, costs for the parking space, etc. In the event of shared accommodation, the student must find out about the payment terms.

Final Important Details

To avoid scams, every little detail is crucial. After all, when looking for a great essay writer, you check the online service’s website and reviews there, correct? Well, finding a place for yourself is similar in this regard also.

For example, the student should check outlets and all lights. It is necessary to make sure of the type of bulb and to see where is the electric meter. Are there spare fuses in case of emergency? The sinks and bathtub may have leaks; hence a check is necessary. If it is furnished accommodation, a test is essential at the level of household appliances and heating appliances. The proper functioning of the equipment remains vital.

The condition of the doors and windows is important, and this goes without saying with regard to the floor, the ceiling, and the walls. In addition, the student will need specific arrangements to make his life easier: double sink, tiling, parquet, and carpet. These details will allow the apartment to be cleaned and easily understood. In all, these criteria will be of great use to be able to settle in the best conditions.

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