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Struggling with Workplace Waste? Here’s How to Reduce It!

Workplace Waste

Considering how much time we spend at work, it’s important that we know how to manage our spaces and keep them clean and tidy. You want people coming into your office to be comfortable but you also want your workers to feel confident and comfortable in the office, too. No one wants to work in a space that’s a breeding ground for germs and trash, right?

You wouldn’t want to work in that, at least. It’s why you invest in good incontinence pads disposal bin options for the bathrooms and it’s why you ensure you pay for sanitary product removals. You need to reduce your waste in the workplace and it can help to know how to do that – especially if you have more than one type of workplace waste to contend with. With this in mind, here are the ways that you can reduce the workplace waste you’re struggling with:

1) Lean into digital. Offices all around the world are going paperless because of the impact of cutting down trees. When you want to reduce waste in the workplace, using less paper is a great place to begin. You can stop using so much ink and stop worrying about disposing of printer cartridges. You can also start going online and using Google Docs instead of printing reams of paper.

2) Implement a recycling program. The benefits of recycling are already very well known and a good way to reduce your waste in the workplace is to encourage your employees to recycle where possible. Setting up recycling bins in the office with incentives for using them will help people to feel more inclined to recycle their plastics and paper.

3) Stop over printing. Printing in colour can cost your office more in energy and ink, and this costs you more money overall. If you print in black and white rather than colour, you’ll use much less ink, and if you print both sides of the sheet of each piece of paper, you’ll be able to reduce your waste massively!

4) Reuse where you can. While you will still have to pay for sanitation companies to empty your bathroom bins, you still can reuse things where you can. Folders and binders, coffee mugs and drinks bottles can all be reused and you can even slap your brand onto some of these and really appeal to others. 

5) Have a clear out. Going through your office and clearing out old furniture and recycling all your electronics is a good way to ensure that you reduce some of the waste hanging around the office. If there are things that you need to throw out, use a skip hire company and make a point of using services that will dispose of things properly. Clearing things out will give you an idea of how much space you’ve been wasting, too.

6) Buy office supplies from a bulk supplier. You can bet that you’ll save money and reduce waste by buying your office supplies in bulk. Milk, coffee, tea bags and toilet paper should all be bought in bulk where possible to reduce your packaging use.

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