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Strong Demand from Food Packaging Industry to Propel PVDC Shrink Bags Market

PVDC Shrink Bags Market

PVDC shrink bags were created to provide alternatives for convenient food packing. They are a kind of vacuum packing with a strong barrier and shrink to protect food products from outside temperature and moisture. The global PVDC shrink bags market is anticipated to exhibit a CAGR of 2.9% during the forecast period (2020 to 2028).

The growing demand for fresh, nutritious, and flavorful food necessitates the development of packaging solutions that prolong the shelf life of products and improve product quality. There is a significant need for packaging goods that offer a longer shelf life, higher protection, and superior barrier qualities in the food and beverage industry.

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A high barrier shrink bag protects items across the distribution process, allowing them to stay fresher for longer and reducing puncture and packaging failures. They are also suitable for packaging processed meats and dairy products, and they are widely used in the packaging of poultry, cheese, beef, turkey, and pork. Due to its outstanding oxygen and water vapor barrier qualities, PVDC packaging is widely utilized for fresh meat packaging. As a result, the global PVDC shrink bags market is expected to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years.

The food packaging sector is increasingly accepting these bags, resulting in an infusion of new income into the global PVDC shrink bags market. The meat businesses are more inclined to expand into new markets through the smooth export of meat products. The usage of shrink bags to transport and haul meat items over long distances has resulted in massive earnings for the global PVDC shrink bags market. Moreover, stronger export connections between multiple countries can be attributable to the rising value of the global PVDC shrink bags market. In recent years, beef exports have expanded by great strides, opening up new opportunities in the global PVDC shrink bags market. As a result, players in the worldwide PVDC shrink bags market have an enormous opportunity for expansion in the years ahead.

PVDC Shrink Bags Market to Witness Massive Growth Post COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on economies and businesses in several countries. The governments of many countries took action to reduce the prevalence of the novel coronavirus by proclaiming a country-wide lockdown, which had a significant impact on industrial sector growth. The difficulties created by the COVID-19 outbreak have harmed demand for PVDC shrink bags for a variety of applications. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, meat packing facilities were shuttered or operated on reduced hours, reducing processing capacity. Numerous countries, however, have resumed business operations. As a result, shrink bags are projected to become more popular in the coming months, thereby propelling the global PVDC shrink bags market.

Asia Pacific to Spearhead PVDC Shrink Bags Market

Asia Pacific had the highest share of the global PVDC shrink bags market in 2020. The key factors that drive the PVDC shrink bags market in the region are growing demand for poultry and seafood, meat, cheese, and dairy products, a population boom, a rising disposable income, and significant economic conditions. Moreover, the region’s key market players have made significant investments in R&D endeavors, with manufacturers focusing on product development and innovation and product portfolio growth tactics.

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Players Introducing New Products to Strengthen Market Position 

Major players in the global PVDC shrink bags market are concentrating their efforts on avoiding environmentalists’ criticism. Plastic packaging has received a lot of attention, which has prompted market vendors to come up with innovative ways to help them outweigh any criticism. The lack of alternatives to PVDC shrink bags for the storage of meat and some dairy products has accelerated the global market’s expansion. The market’s major players have also created subsidiary lines of mixed PVDC bags with less plastic density than the original PVDC shrink bags.

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