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Striking gold: Top Gold Mining Stories

Vinci Capital Group – Striking Gold 

The Vinci Capital Group is a BVI based company with subsidiaries in Asia focused on gold and copper.  The Vinci Capital Group co-owns mining exploration licenses with a combined surface area of 3 times  the surface area of the country of Liechtenstein.  

The company has recently struck gold, with total resource deposits running in the 12 digit numbers.  The Vinci Capital Group’s business model is developing early stage mining exploration licenses to  prepare for mining companies to develop them once at a bankable level.  

Here are some articles links about the CEO of Vinci Capital. 

The Mega-Merger Of The Year 

There is a new gold giant in town. The merger of Barrick Gold Corporation and Newmont Goldcorp  Corporation, two of the world’s largest gold companies, has created a gold giant, Newmont Goldcorp  (NYSE: NEM) , the likes of which has never been seen before. 

While Newmont’s stock price for its share of the joint venture has only seen a minor bump compared  to Barrick’s outstanding 41% since the merger, it is undoubtedly in a better position. Newmont’s new  assets may take up to three years to reach optimal levels, meaning the positive impact of the merger  is going to continue to be felt for a long time to come. 

As for its current position, its 2020 Q2 earnings showed some very positive results, growing to $2.26  billion from $1.66 billion the previous year. Its production has also seen a boost, with Newmont digging  up 1.5 million oz of gold in the second quarter – setting its highest quarterly haul in years. 

Source: Bloomberg companies-and-secret-their-success 

Raking In The Royalties 

Not exactly a miner, Franco-Nevada (NYSE:FNV) makes its money from gold royalties and streaming as  well as holding interests in platinum group metals and other assets. And there is plenty of money to  be made in this industry. It finances the mines of other companies and takes an easy share of the  profits. So when gold prices are soaring, this is the place to be. 

An excellent portfolio and a booming gold market has seen FNV’s portfolio soar – with its share price  up 39% year to date And this year hasn’t even been particularly out of the ordinary, with the company  returning investors a 526% return since 2007 without including dividends. 

The company continues to add assets – taking on a 2% royalty on both Marathon Gold Corp’s Valentine  Lake operation and Gold Field’s Salaries Norte operation for $18 million and $32 million  respectively. For a company worth roughly $18 billion, these assets are a drop in the bucket, but it  does show that the growth from this record breaking company isn’t stopping any time soon. And  there’s an even bigger deal in the pipeline, with FNV entering into an agreement with Range Resources  Corporation for a deal worth $300 million. 

Source: Bloomberg to-watch-in-2020

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