StrideCharge’s Innovation Means Cyclists Can Now Ride Uninterrupted 

Cyclists are a varied bunch. On any given Saturday, CEOs, teachers, stay-at-home moms, and students all take to the roads, biking anywhere their hearts take them. Whether they are riding to get in shape for a race, to be healthy, or to escape stress, they all know the peace that comes from reaching what is known as “the zone”: that wonderful moment when they leave the world behind and focus only on pumping their legs and seeing the beauty around them. For cyclists, few things are more annoying than the need to stop and break that zen-state because their cell phone has died. To help cyclists keep their Apple iPhones charged (and not waste time finding a convenience store with an outlet), StrideCharge has created the first patent-pending wireless Charging Phone Case and Mount for bicycles.  

StrideCharge has kept its iPhone Charge Case and Mount simple, understanding that while this is the age of advanced technology, many people still feel anxious when confronted with assembling something. Tools are not needed to attach the Mount to the handlebars; instead, it easily locks into place on handlebars that are 25-40 mm in diameter. The company also did extensive testing to make sure that over time, the Mount and Charge Case would not slip or need to be gripped to stay in place. 

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StrideCharge states that durability was also a key concern. The cycling terrain can change unexpectedly, whether the rider is on a paved street or a trail in the woods, so an iPhone must be protected from the shocks and vibrations. Choosing the right materials for the iPhone Charge Case and Mount, then, was important. StrideCharge’s team, which is composed of cyclists, ultimately chose to use ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethanes), two materials known for their toughness. By using these materials for the iPhone Charge Case and Mount, StrideCharge is empowering cyclists to confidently navigate the bumpiest of paths and to be assured their phones will be just fine. 

So far, all the bases are covered: a cyclist’s iPhone is kept charged throughout a ride and will not be damaged by vibrations. StrideCharge’s designers took their product one step further, however, and made it possible for the iPhone to be used even though it may still be charging. It is a simple invention that proves that some problems really don’t need a flashy solution, just one that is practical and targeted.  

Since the launch of StrideCharge’s wireless Charging Phone Case and Mount, it has been enthusiastically received by the cycling community, including professional riders and amateurs. As word has gotten out about a new way to charge an iPhone when the owner is nowhere near an outlet, the product has been finding a secondary market. There is strong interest from golfers, who often spend 4-5 hours on the course; hikers, who can be in the woods all day; and parents who take their children in strollers to the park. 

What may arguably be the most important benefit, though, is this: cyclists no longer have to worry about their peace being interrupted as they ride. Whether a rider imagines themself powering up a mountain in the Tour de France or is simply cycling to clear their mind, they can now do so without breaking their rhythm. 

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If a cyclist is asked how they feel about that, the answer is undoubtedly the same: they are happy that StrideCharge decided that they deserve to have a wireless Charging Phone Case and Mount so that a ride can go on for as long as they want. 

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