Street Artist Seek One Collaborates with NFT Platform One Of None, For The Vault Club Gallery During NFT NYC

Contemporary street artist Seek One, collaborated with One of None, the NFT platform, during a celebratory event for NFT NYC. The event took place last week at the Infinite Reality Gallery, celebrating various artists and their future endeavors with NFTs. 

This event was a huge success and met its goal to explore both the physical and digital art of the One of None Vault Club. The two collaborators of the event showcased their commitment to artwork and demonstrated that NFTs are truly the future of the creative world. 

Talking about his featured artwork at the event, Seek One explained how ”This event was especially unique because, unlike other NFT NYC events, we showcased the correlation between real and digital assets. Displaying the real painting and digital NFT version beside it is something no one else is doing at the moment. Being able to purchase the NFT and have ownership of the physical painting is the way of the future.”  

One of None, is a platform that’s goal is to merge the gap between physical and digital art. It was founded by NFL quarterback DeShone Kizer, who became fascinated with the idea of giving creators access to secondary markets. One of None reimagines what it means to have limited edition artwork, allowing collectors to freely exchange both tangible pieces and NFTs. 

The other collaborator, Seek One, is an established street artist best known for his pieces that bring iconic figures, vintage media, and the classic street style together to create timeless artwork. Seek One is one of the featured creators that has work presented for The Vault Club Gallery, and notable collectors of Seek One’s artwork include food influencer Jonathon Cheban, rapper Quavo, Brooklyn Nets player Ben Simmons, Actress Kaley Cuoco, and American actress and self-help guru Tony Robbins. 

According to Seek One, “I collaborated with One Of None because it is an NFT platform that validates real-life assets. In this case, one of my paintings was on display at the event and was available for purchase in tandem with the NFT version.” Along with his work, a video that was filmed to showcase Seek One’s entire process of creating his piece was featured at the gallery as well. 

Along with Seek One, other featured artists with work that was showcased in the gallery include Terry Urban, Hoop Dream Studio, The Ghost, Blake Jamieson, ICE x Knights of Degen, Fuzi, Siegelman Stable, Art Mobb, for Those Who Sin x Bleach, Tames, and Papo. Throughout the night, guests were able to explore different themes and types of artwork in a space that promoted each artist’s style and individuality. 

The event took place during the highly celebrated NFT NYC, as a nod to how the digital sphere is shaping art for the better, both for artists and collectors alike. NFTs have started to make such a large impact in so many different industries, especially in art. 

According to One of None “In early 2021, as the first mainstream NFT wave started making headlines, the team realized that tracking provenance was a perfect fit for blockchain technology. Since then, the three founders have taken a deep dive into the world of web3 and assembled a team of partners and advisors with the knowledge and skills required to merge the web2 and web3 worlds.” 

After last night’s success, art lovers should be on the lookout for future collaborations and opportunities to explore artists’ journeys into the world of NFTs. 


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