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Streamlining Ticket Price Comparison for Sports Events: Interview with Liran Froind, Ticket Compare CEO & Founder

Interview with Liran Froind, Ticket Compare CEO & Founder

The world of European soccer is a fiercely competitive, with the English Premier League and the European Champions League representing the pinnacle of the sport’s ingenuity and athleticism.

If you’ve ever tried to attend a match in either of these leagues, you will know that getting your hands on a ticket is not easy.

Despite the grand scale of many of the stadiums, and the fact that almost every game is televised, demand to get into real-life games remains higher than ever.

Every soccer fan knows that nothing compares to the energy of being in the ground itself, for which reason many are happy to part with hundreds of dollars to gain entry.

But why is it so difficult to get into these games? Is it simply a case of demand driving up prices?

It’s true that people are willing to pay a lot to see their favourite team battle it out on the pitch. But the situation is made much more difficult by the fact that all Premier League clubs require membership – or even ownership of a costly season ticket – in order to buy directly from the club.

For this reason, an intricate secondary market has developed. For many people, including hundreds of thousands of tourists, this secondary market is really the only way to get to games.

But that’s just the start of the problem. For years, fans struggled to find trustworthy sources for these tickets, making the purchasing process not only expensive, but fraught with risk.

That’s where comes in. Founders Liran Froind and Aviran Zizav encountered the problem of soccer ticketing first hand as they, and their friends, struggled to reliably access tickets for European soccer fixtures.

They set out to create a platform that makes it easy for soccer fans to compare ticket prices and ticket vendors across the web. As Liran explains, the platform has to meet both technical and very human challenges in order to meet this aim.

In a nutshell, what’s the story of emerged from a pressing need to streamline ticket price comparison for sports events. Realising a market gap while at 888, we developed an MVP focusing on Premier League matches, receiving an immediate positive response. Today, our platform stands as a primary solution for fans seeking the best ticket deals, emphasising transparency, ease, and reliability in the ticket-buying experience.

What are the challenges of the industry? 

The secondary ticket market is intricate, characterised by volatile prices and varied regulations across Europe. Our key challenges include ensuring real-time data accuracy, navigating diverse regulatory frameworks, and building user trust. Balancing these aspects alongside maintaining an exceptional user experience is central to our approach.

What you bring to the table as founders?

Our founding team combines Liran’s expertise in business development and marketing with Aviran’s technological prowess. This synergy of strategic market insight and tech innovation, honed at 888, enables us to stay ahead in user engagement and market trends.

Tell me about your experiences with the affiliate marketing model and how you work with your partners.

Our affiliate marketing model is designed to be risk-free and profitable for our partners, especially significant in a climate of rising interest rates. By focusing on a pay-for-performance approach, we ensure our partners invest in actual results. This strategy helps us drive targeted traffic efficiently, fostering mutual growth with our partners.

What future developments and opportunities do you see for technology in the world of sport? 

We foresee exciting technological developments in sports, particularly in enhancing the fan experience. Future technologies may allow fans to digitally preview their seats and the event atmosphere before purchasing. This advancement will not only simplify ticket purchasing but also offer a customised event experience, aligning with our goal to provide the best prices and options for fans.

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