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Streaming’s New Front-Runner: DeeStream’s Stage 2 Draws Monero and Bitcoin Investors Buzzing with Potential

With the advent of DeeStream, the live streaming industry is set for a revolution as many industry experts are fascinated by its decentralized model paired with a range of lucrative benefits for content creators. Now it has attracted the attention of Monero and Bitcoin investors suffering from the overall decline in the crypto market and they are putting their money on DeeStream stage 2 as momentum builds.

Monero Seeking New Partnership Sparks Optimism

Monero started off 2024 with a price of over $170 to $165. Investors predicted that it would surge further. But things got worse because on Feb 8, Binance announced that it was going to delist Monero along with other coins. Immediately Monero took a nosedive from $165 to $100, losing almost 40% of its value.

Right now, Monero hovers around $123 to $126. Now, analysts have some optimism about Monero’s future due to recent upgrades that could increase developer activity on the platform. Moreover Monero is also seeking partnerships with crypto exchanges and new listings which Analysts believe will be beneficial, boosting Monero’s value to around $150 that would be a 20% increase from the current price. While investors are bullish about Monero, DeeStream stands out as a potential game changer, particularly in the field of live-streaming.

Bitcoin Halving and Future Prospects

After breaking all previous records and reaching an all time high of $73,000, the biggest cryptocurrency Bitcoin, saw a minor setback of over 5% now hovering around $66,000. This dip coincided with a significant event which was the seizure of 30,175 Bitcoins from the dark web marketplace Silk Road by a wallet connected to the U.S. government.

Further Bitcoin halving is almost two weeks away, and many investors think this is the best time to buy as previously halving events have driven Bitcoin prices skyrocketing. However, Amplify’s co portfolio manager, Dan Weiskopf, said “investing in BTC just before the halving has risks of volatility”. He mentioned that Bitcoin ETF approval has already boosted Bitcoin prices, but he also warned investors about volatility.

Bitcoin investors are also supporting DeeStream’s efforts to revolutionize the streaming market by introducing blockchain as well as other decentralization that traditional streaming platforms lack.

DeeStream Set to Rule the Streaming Market as Presale Takes Off

DeeStream has emerged as a contender to overthrow YouTube and Twitch as the leading streaming platform. DeeStream introduces a unique Peer-to-Peer blockchain powered video streaming platform. It allows viewers and content creators to make money with their time, talent, and content. On top of that DeeStream features a censorship resistant decentralized framework in which users can express themselves freely.

These innovations have attracted investors in Monero and Bitcoin, who believe this might be the future of live streaming. Further, DeeStream makes sure all transactions are documented transparently, fostering a culture of trust and accountability.

DeeStream is now in the second presale stage after completing stage one with flying colors. DeeStream has already registered 17,600 users and 3,400 investors, and the number is growing rapidly. Right now, investors can buy tokens for an affordable price of just $0.055. Many experts are predicting tremendous gains, so if you join early, you will reap huge rewards.

Find out more details about the DeeStream presale by clicking the link here.

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