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Streaming Sites that you shouldn’t miss if you are about to watch anime! 

Online streaming formats, especially Anime have taken the entertainment industry by storm, and thanks to the astounding success of the format in Japan, it soon got adopted across the world. 

According to recent research, the overall traffic to Anime streaming sites has risen from 24% to 36% within just two years and there has been a significant 50% increase in the number of people who watch anime, according to the wall street journal. Some of the most noteworthy anime series like Naruto and DragonBallZ has been one of the many reasons why the Japanese animation entertainment format has garnered such huge attention. 

The reason why people love the format is many, but the bigger question is where can someone new to the format view anime online? People who are new to Anime are mostly people who have heard about the format but are not aware of how to access it online. 

There are many streaming services that one can choose to watch anime. This article will extensively cover all available platforms to get you started on the right track! 

Netflix, Anime, and Chill:

Netflix is considered a haven for die-hard anime fans. Why? Netflix hosts nearly 50 exclusive anime series including famous ones like Yasuke, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Naruto. 

Out of the options available, Netflix has one of the most concentrated libraries of anime series. Netflix is also probably one of the most user-friendly sites that you can use to understand the context of the series that is usually in Japanese. 

Netflix can be an amazing streaming partner to any person who wants to experience the world of Anime series and with paid subscriptions, you can access other shows apart from anime as well. 

Crunchyroll Time!

No, it is not a food delicacy that we are talking about rather we are referring to the most popular and sought-after Anime streaming platform, Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll has an exclusive collection of more than 1200+ titles and if you are someone looking for all things anime, Crunchyroll is the place to start. 

Crunchyroll comes with paid subscriptions for access to exclusive animes, but if you are someone new and you just want to experience anime, there are free ones too. If you are looking to get started with anime as a beginner, Crunchyroll is a great place to start. 

Hulu away! 

Now if you are looking to tap exclusively into anime classics, Hulu would be an apt choice. It does not have a heavy library like Netflix or Crunchyroll but is home to the classics like Dragon Ball Z in the Anime space. There are an overall 200+ anime titles users can choose from but they come with a subscription price of $6-$12/month depending on the package that you choose. 

Amazon Prime Video:

Prime Video is known for hosting originals like Crayon Shin-Chan Spin-off and Blade of the Immortal. Prime’s library cannot be considered as an exclusive one for Anime, but it has got its fair share of Anime series that is suitable for someone who is getting started with Anime. 


Hidive started getting noticed when the Anime network online streaming service or discontinued in 2017. Some of the rarest and most unique anime series like Akame ga Kill and Non Non Biyori can only be found on the platform. HiDive also has its very own dubs channel called the Dubcast that releases dubbed versions of the original anime. 

All these platforms mentioned are some of the prime hotspots that Anime fans use to experience anime and if you are not satisfied with these suggestions, you can also refer to slightly less popular streaming services like Funimation and VRV that are similar to HiDive. 

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