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Strawberry Seed Oil Market Research Report 2022 – Global Forecast till 2027 

Strawberry seed oil is a high-antioxidant, mineral, and vitamin-rich oil. Fluorine, potassium, boron, magnesium, calcium, and other elements in strawberry seed oil are all helpful to the skin. Strawberry seeds come from a variety of places, including fruit juices and jam producers. The strawberry seed is gathered, dried, and cleaned before being cold-pressed to extract the oil. Strawberry seed oil is extremely sustainable because it produces no waste. Strawberry seed oil is an essential component of skincare. It’s because essential oils contain fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6, which help the skin’s moisture barrier function, and strawberries are a good source of these fatty acids. 

Strawberry seed oil is commonly utilized in anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatments, as well as skin-soothing and regeneration. Strawberry seed oil contains ellagic acid, which makes it ideal for anti-inflammatory and UV protection products. The global strawberry seed oil market is highly reliant on seed oils suppliers, and fluctuations in supply have a significant impact on strawberry seed oil market production.  

Drivers and Restraints in the Global Strawberry Seed Oil Market 

Strawberry seed oil is abundant in linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, both of which are in great demand. Strawberry seed oil has a lot of uses in the cosmetics business. The supply-demand ratio of the strawberry seed oil is heavily influenced by the growth of this business. UV protection in skincare products, for example, is in high demand, which drives the worldwide strawberry seed oil market. Strawberry seed oil use is increasing as the demand for anti-aging lotions and other skincare products grows. Strawberry seed oil usage is increasing as aromatherapy, health spas, and recreational centers become more popular.  

Global Strawberry Seed Oil Market Outlook by Region 

North America, Latin America, the Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan, the Middle East, and Africa make up the global strawberry seed oil market (MEA). North America’s strawberry seed oil market has matured and now accounts for a significant portion of the worldwide strawberry seed oil business. This is due to the United States’ position as the world’s biggest producer of strawberries. The strawberry seed oil market is also driven by the region’s burgeoning aromatherapy industry. The increased interest in nutrient-rich oils in personal care products has influenced the strawberry seed oil business in Western European countries. In addition, countries like Germany and Spain are important strawberry exporters.  

Key Players in the Global Strawberry Seed Oil Market 

The following are some of the major participants in the worldwide strawberry seed oil market: 

  • Connoils LLC 
  • The Kerfoot Group 
  • Statfold Seed Developments Ltd. 
  • Eco Treasures NV 

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