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Stratus: The Platform That Will Revolutionize Social Media

Revolutionize Social Media

Existing social media platforms have no interoperability whatsoever. Users are restricted to only one platform at a time and can’t enjoy the benefits of two different sites simultaneously. Furthermore, users are forced to regurgitate their profile information whenever they sign up for a new platform. There is no way of connecting their profiles from one site to another and avoiding the data input repetition. However, there is a new player in the game ready to break these walls of restriction. 

Apollo Fintech, a blockchain-based company, known for inventing innovative fintech solutions, has developed Stratus. Stratus is an exciting social media ecosystem that features all the functions of mainstream social media platforms combined with financial services.

Replacing Existing Social Media Platforms 

Stratus is a revolutionary platform seeking to give internet users and social media fanatics an integrated ecosystem with the best functionality and excellent user experience. It also seeks to offer solutions to the challenges faced by existing social media platforms like privacy breaches and censorship. The ecosystem is hosted on the Apollo blockchain.

Apollo Fintech is integral in the success and functionality of Stratus. According to Steve McCullah, Apollo Fintech’s CEO, all platforms in the ecosystem will be accessible through the main site with the option of a dedicated app for each. 

In the third quarter of 2020, Stratus will launch in four phases showcasing the essence of functionality in each phase. The first phase will include features of Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and PayPal. The second phase will launch Instagram, Youtube, Robinhood, and Coinbase. The third phase will see the feature launch of Tik Tok, Linked In, WhatsApp, Telegram, and ultimately phase four launching Travelocity, Godaddy, Upwork, and Envato. On Stratus, there is something for everyone, creatives, freelancers, and even travel bugs. 

Features of Stratus 

Stratus is an expansive network that promises convenience and upgraded user experience. The ecosystem promises to have a heightened sense of data privacy, smooth interoperability between platforms, and freedom of speech with no censorship. Stratus, therefore, redefines the internet and social media experience with these exquisite features. 


Stratus runs on an integrated ecosystem but with one account for all platforms and consequently functions. Stratus ecosystem will be the one-stop-shop for all your socio-economic needs and services on the internet. Imagine a super mall for social media and more, giving you access to financial services, social media functions, and even freelance work. 

The platform will include financial services through e-wallets, shopping with protected transactions while buying and selling. The Apollo currency, for example, is hinged on encrypted blockchain technology that ensures secure transactions. Such great convenience enables users to enjoy it all with only one account and one wallet to run across all the platforms on the ecosystem. 

Usability and Functionality

Courtesy of Apollo Fintech’s blockchain that hosts Stratus, users are assured of quick execution of functions. Existing social media networks increasingly overlook user experience and functionality in place of profit-making from data mining and more. Stratus redefines this aspect of social media courtesy of its blockchain-based technology. The technology upgrades the user experience in that through one platform and one account, users will gain easy access to multiple types of social media. 

Stratus’ integrated ecosystem affords users access to multiple platforms, but each is still performing its intended individual function. The different platforms will be accessible through the dashboard with the master feed showing feeds from all platforms.

Data Privacy and Security

Stratus is facilitated by blockchain technology, which gives Stratus users a guarantee of safe user experience with their data protected and integrity upheld. Blockchain technology ensures no hacking of accounts or data loss occurs. It does so courtesy of the end to end encryption ensuring all interactions and user history remain on the blockchain. 

Furthermore, in keeping with the theme of reducing the challenges of existing social media, Stratus strives to protect user’s data. Existing social media continue prioritizing the chase of profits through data mining and advertisements. Stratus strives to respect and retain integrity, ensuring no selling of user’s data to other companies for any reason whatsoever. 

Freedom of Speech and Freedom From Censorship

Stratus promises an “everything said” platform for users. Aside from illegal content which the law requires Stratus to follow through for user security, nothing else will be censored. Blockchain technology provides for this freedom via an algorithm that surpasses censorship protocols, unlike mainstream social media platforms that usually censor content. 


If nothing else, recent COVID19 events showed the critical role of the internet, and social media networks play in our lives. Stratus’ ecosystem promises cheaper, more convenient, and better experience on the internet and social media. The ecosystem will heighten user internet experience through expansive platforms offering the convergence of all your needs and services. Coupled with Apollo Fintech’s technological backing, users should look forward to Stratus’s launch in the third quarter of 2020. There is a lot to get excited about with Stratus’ data security, functionality, great usability, and the cherry on top, data privacy. It is a more convenient all-round user experience that users are bound to enjoy. 

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