Stratis offers simple and affordable end-to-end solutions for blockchain development

Blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin and countless other cryptocurrencies to follow, is perhaps the biggest industrial disruption technology ever seen. Its adoption by millions of people around the world just goes to show how significantly this sector is evolving.

Yet, the biggest adoption, by far, is by individuals. People mostly have adopted blockchain because of one single reason: Value. Touted as an alternative to traditional paper-based currency, blockchain’s other aspects have been overshadowed by this. As a technology, decentralized ledgers have a lot more to offer, especially to businesses. However, the adoption rate is very slow.

Why The Slow Adoption?

While offering a lot more efficiency and flexibility for organizations, blockchain’s adoption is still at a very slow pace. A few of the reasons as such are:

  • Additional expert staff required to develop and maintain the technology.
  • Specialized hardware purchase.
  • Existing software incompatibility with blockchain.
  • Time and effort required to retrain staff.

All of these reasons, when combined, mean that a lot of organizations tend to avoid using the technology and keep on running their current ones since the cost of shifting to blockchain outweighs the efficiency it offers.

Stratis, The Solution

The business model of Stratis is very clear by their slogan: We make blockchain easier for you. The team offers multitude of services for businesses and other organizations so that they can shift to the technology with the minimum of resources required.

The platform offers enterprise solutions to allow any company, from a financial technology one to Internet of Things based, to adopt blockchain. This is made possible through its Enterprise Solutions that creates an end-to-end solution for organizations using C# and .Net as its basis. This means that blockchain applications are built on the most widely used language and platforms, enabling compatibility and faster integration into existing systems.

Along with this service, Stratis also has a dedicated section towards enhancing understanding and transferring the knowledge of blockchain, giving companies who wish to shift their workings on the decentralized technology to have a better understanding of it.

Use Cases Of Stratis

Since Stratis is a blockchain service provider, whatever that is possible to run on blockchain, Stratis can provide. Stratis, however, has created some in-depth works on a few use cases that are available for download on their website as a study point.

The cases defined are:

  • Medical Research: This case study deals with the issues that have arisen in the medical research field. Now, more about reputation and securing funding, researchers have been found to manipulate, plagiarize and even lie about their data and results. Through blockchain, each research will have its data validated by independent experts, allowing for a mitigation of quality degradation.
  • Product Validation: Since blockchain is immutable, it is the perfect technology for keeping track of products for their authenticity. A QR code that describes the individual product’s characteristics such as production date, facility address, even sourced materials and the distribution channel means that consumers can always get an authentic product.
  • IoT: Internet of Things and blockchain is a marriage that is made in heaven. Decentralization and collection of data by millions of devices, only to be made available to researchers and other organizations without the need of intermediaries uncaps one of the biggest industries in the world.

The Team & Origin of Stratis

The Stratis is the dream of its founder and CEO, Chris Trew. With over a decade enterprise IT sector, Mr. Trew has an extensive experience in the legal, Fintech and aviation sector. As a backend developer in C# and .Net framework, along with taking part in creation of multiple blockchain environments, he is the perfect man to understand the issues faced by organizations in adopting the technology.

His team is made up of dedicated professionals, young and experienced alike, each with a specialty that helps in developing Stratis to give professional level services.

The Stratis Wallet

The platform offers two wallets. There is a standard one for staking, since the tokens are generated on a PoS protocol. The second is an electrum wallet, meaning users will not need to download the complete blockchain data to send and receive coins.

The Stratis Token, Listed Exchanges and Trading Volume
Powering the Stratis ecosystem is their internal token, the Strat. Working on proven technology such as proof of stake, the token has limited emissions and little inflation. Currently the Strat is available on Poloniex, Bittrex and Bittylicious exchanges with an average price of 0.00026480 BTC and a market capitalization of USD 167 million.

Investing in Stratis

In its short time, Strat token has made a mark in the industry and is making steady growth as more organizations realize the ease and facilitation offered by Stratis. All projections point towards a steady and good growth. The token is a good investment overall.

However, readers are advised to invest at own risk. Current growth does not indicate future trends.

Visit the Stratis website for more information:

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