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Strategies for Growing Your Instagram Following and Gain

Instagram Following

Gaining Instagram following is the key motive for settings up a business profile. If you own a brand or trying to shine on the platform as an influencer, growing your Instagram following is mandatory. It needs a lot of effort and planning to set the right path to success. Apart from your formulated plan, numerous strategies need to be adopted to get the desired following and boost Instagram impressions. We have listed the top secrets that will help you get established and earn a following and achieve Instagram gain. 

If you are looking for productive techniques that will assist you in increasing your Instagram following and gain, your search should end here. We have listed the top functional tips to get you the desired following and gain.

As you scroll through the article, you will be able to get a brief overview of the plans that will assist you in achieving your mission. 

Strategies For Growing Your Instagram Following 

 1. Be Consistent 

Consistency is the secret formula to gaining followers on Instagram. When you are consistent, the audience will get a sense of trust and reliability. They will find a sense of dedication in your work when you are consistent. This will act as a solid reason for them to follow you. Maintain a calendar to work out the schedule. Keep the posts ready in advance to avoid running out of posts. 

2. Create Engaging Posts

Content is the main form of communication on the platform. Engaging content that carries an element of creativity and is unique from the rest of the crowd attracts positive attention. Since Instagram is flooded with people and their ideas, repetition is a common phenomenon. Try to avoid repetition and innovate new ideas and formulas to craft engaging and interesting content. Engaging videos will also get IGTV likes

3. Optimize Your Instagram Bio

Instagram bio is the first element that is viewed when people land on your handle. It is mandatory to optimize your bio and use words that will best describe your purpose on the platform. Catchy and captivating phrases can be used in the Instagram bio. A gist of what they can expect from your Instagram account can also be mentioned in the Instagram bio. 

4. Link Your Business To Your Instagram Bio

If you run a brand, link the website address of the brand in your Instagram bio. If you are an influencer and if you own a website, link the page to the bio. This will help the audience to get a brief understanding of your business pages. 

  1. Customize Your Feed

Instagram feed talks about your personality and thoughts. Choose colors that will best suit your business or your character. It should be appealing as the shades have the potential to attract positivity and also increase your follower count. It is advisable to follow certain aesthetics when it comes to customizing your feed. Ensure that the aesthetic is pleasing and acceptable. 

  1. Use Catchy Descriptions 

People view your posts and look out for descriptions of the message that is being conveyed through the photos and videos. The description can be optimized to suit the posts. They should be short, catchy, and attractive. It should be precise and the words chosen should carry the potential to attract viewers to other posts in your profile. 

7. Geotag The Posts

Geographically tagging the posts will enhance the reach of your profile. This will assist you in reaching out to people in your locations. There are chances of people living in your locations following and interacting with you as they will be highly benefitted from your posts. They will also be able to easily connect with you. 

8. Use The Right Hashtags

Hashtags are the key to success in the platform. They are the keywords that are put in the posts to assist people in easily find you. The audience will be able to easily locate you only if you use the right hashtags. General and relevant hashtags can be used. Ensure that the hashtags make sense as too much of irrelevant hashtags will spoil the entire purpose of your content. 

9. Cross-Promote Your Instagram Handle

Collaborations and giveaways will increase your Instagram followers. You can get hold of the strategies of the collaborating influencers and also get to learn from them. You will get an increase in follower count and cross-promoting will make your profile visible to the audience. 

10. Use The Power Of Stories 

Instagram stories are the quickest way to reach the target audience. You can hit the right audience by leveraging the power of stories. Instagram stories can be made uniquely. It will make people learn more about your handle. Ensure to put hashtags for stories as they will help the audience to distinguish your profile from the rest of the crowd. 


Growing your Instagram account is mandatory if you are looking to increase your following and gain. The path that is taken to succeed in Instagram is vital. It should consist of productive ideas that will help you grow your following. In addition to your strategy, adopt the above-provided tips to grow your Instagram following and gain.

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